The Strike

11 11 2007

This is a good explanation of why our TV fun may be coming to a premature end this season.



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11 11 2007


11 11 2007

You all are just going to lose money in the long run because after this. You hollywood people will learn a lesson don’t piss off you loyal viewers. Beacuse it will cost u lots and lots of money

12 11 2007

Good point Marc, I don’t think the writers should be paid at all, I mean, what do they contribute to the creative process anyway?

Did you actually watch the video? I thought it explained the reasons behind the strike very well. Yet you still chip in with a redundant comment like ‘don’t piss off your loyal viewers’

No, don’t piss us off, continue to get paid a pittance for doing one of the most important jobs in TV while a bunch of suits at the studio make a fortune.

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