British TV is in great shape.

28 11 2007

Can Fat Teens Hunt?

This is the reason I think the licence fee should be turned into an optional subscription. BBC Three is a waste of Freeview bandwidth, I won’t say it again. Do the right thing beeb, pull the plug.




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3 12 2007
Corrupted Mind

Personally, I would prefer if the Beeb just focused on BBC1 & 2, BBC international and News 24. If they did things would be so much more focused. With BBCi they still have the capacity to do multi-channel simulcasts so the need for two further channels is just silly. On the programming issue, I would like to see the Beeb doing more collaborations like the HBO Band of Brothers and Rome. Also, there is no reason why they should just get into bed with HBO when there are other companies that would jump at the opportunity.

3 12 2007

I think that BBC4 should be scrapped and BBC3 could be a new talent and irreverant comedy channel. The quality on BBC3 is really not up to scratch with the exception of the mighty boosh I hardly ever tune in.

Its 2007 the beeb surely should be self financing. I know adverts are a pain but if they had limited advertising on their radio stations and lottery funding the license fee could be scrapped.

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