Extras Christmas special

28 12 2007

I just finished watching the final episode of Extras, the feature length Christmas special. I know it’s been on the internet for the last 11 days but I thought I would watch it at the same time as the rest of the UK. Alright, that’s actually a lie. I didn’t know it had been on HBO already until I went looking to find out when it was airing in Britain, and then proceeded to download an HD copy veerrry sloooowly yesterday. In fact by the time it arrived, I realised that I wouldn’t be watching it until this evening when my better half arrived home, in which case I might as well watch it on BBC HD in a slightly higher quality!

I was very critical of the second series of Extras, not because of its lack of laughs but its shameful ripping off of both Seinfeld season 4 and Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 2. It pained me ever so slightly that the proles who hadn’t watched either of these wonderful shows were calling Gervais a masterful storyteller, when in fact he had just updated a classic.

But tonight I take my hat off to him. There wasn’t a single word of this script that I didn’t agree with, or wasn’t well played out by the superb cast. Ashley Jensen, grating throughout the second series as she grew ever thicker, was just the right amount of dumb tonight, and her decline into cleaning and realisation of a life lost was superb. She actually had me wondering if she was going to commit suicide at one point!

Stephen Merchant was superb as always, and Shaun Williamson still managed to surprise with his timing. I hope he gets some decent work out of this. Without giving too much away, both their characters end up where they deserve.

The best part of the show was Andy Millman’s monologue about celebrity culture, which you can watch after the jump. If you don’t agree with what he is saying after 1min 19 on this video, don’t talk to me the next time I see you.

Oooh and one final thing, who else loved the Karl Pilkington cameo??? “Look at his round head!

The best two minutes of British TV in recent memory. If you didn’t like it, here are some catchphrases you can reel off at work to keep up your popular status.




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31 12 2007

I love Karl Pilkington! that is all…

4 12 2011
Letmewatchthis TV


top publish. i glance ahead to studying extra. cheers….

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