Another Lost Season 4 Trailer

15 01 2008

In preparation for the Fourth Season of Lost, I’ve been doing a lot of anticipating and a little bit of reading up. Ain’t It Cool has an interview with Matthew Fox about Season 4 and he came out with this gem:

When asked if season four will deal with time travel, Fox says yes. “What is this island? Where is this island? When is this island?” are the questions Fox says the audience is dying to know.

This quote, combined with the new Dharma orientation video that I’ve embedded after the jump, is…I don’t know, mildly interesting. Very Sci-fi, the thought that the rabbit could be from the future..
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Moving Wallpaper/Echo Beach

13 01 2008

Last week I stood up in the office and announced my plans for the evening, and was laughed at by most of my colleagues. My plan was to go home and watch an hour of ITV1. Thats right, a solid hour of the nations favourite network. One of my co-workers told me how he had tried to watch a comedy the previous Friday starring Mark Addy, and was frustrated because he would no longer have that particular hour available to him again throughout his entire lifespan.

But I ploughed on regardless, getting home on Thursday….and promptly falling asleep. Luckily I had Sky+’ed both of the shows I was meaning to watch and just got round to watching them this afternoon. I can go into work tomorrow and tell everyone that the joke is on them, because the combo of Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach makes for marvelous tellybox watching.

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Welcome, 4talent readers

11 01 2008

If you came here from my interview on 4Talent, welcome. I haven’t been updating as much as I should, but stay, grab a biscuit, read the archives, its all there. And if you haven’t read my interview, it might be here. If you want more advice on getting into my line of work, you can leave a comment in this post, or contact me through… hmmm, not gonna leave my email address here, or my facebook URL….. just leave a comment, that’s probably best. peace!

New year, new design

10 01 2008

I decided to spice up the site with a new design, complete with a trendy Banksy image as a header. Hopefully, I won’t get bored of it  as quickly as I did of the old layout.

Curb Your Enthusiasm S06E10 – The Bat Mitzvah

8 01 2008

Due to a (constant never ending) backlog of TV, I just got around to watching the last few episodes of the sixth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and I was pleasantly surprised by the finale.

These days when I have a spare moment, I get to make a choice between spending quality time with the mrs, quality time with the PSWii, watching something on my overloaded Sky+ planner, reading one of the books I got for Chrimbo (“Chrissy” to you Aussies) or watching some of the content that is constantly downloading to my auto-starting bandwidth guzzling RSS utilising bittorrent client.

So when the first few episodes of this seasons Curb didn’t have me laughing out loud instantaneously, I was maybe a little hasty when I decided I would watch the rest at some undetermined future juncture. It just all seemed a bit contrived to me this season, with the Black family (no no, that’s their surname) coming into the show as comedy stereotypes, although I even misjudged them because I actually laughed hardest at Leon in the later eps.

Disclaimer: If you are in the UK and don’t want to know intimate details of Season 6, stop reading nnnnnow.

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Knight Rider

2 01 2008

You may have noticed (somebody has, looking at the figures) that I put up a few promos and trailers for upcoming shows that will be debuting early this year. One that I thought I had put up, but turns out it slipped my mind is NBC’s remake of my childhood favourite Knight Rider.

Starting in February,  I had no interest in this project whatsoever until I found out who was doing the voice of KITT. That’s right, the funniest man alive right now, Will Arnett! Yes, Gob Bluth will be saying “Michaaaaael” (or at least ‘Mike’) on television once more, even if not for intentional comedy value.

With the writers strike continuing, I reckon this could do ok as viewers cling to any scripted programming they can find. Watch the Will Arnett teaser complete with new car after the jump.

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Review of the Year

1 01 2008

Well this is the start of a long and arduous post covering the last 12 months in British TV. Twas a fine morn on the 1st January 2006 when I settled down to watch Superman 2: Electric Boogaloo and came upon Celebrity Big Brother promos… Oooo, I wonder if that lovable rogue Jade Goody will be in it this year I said to myself

I have no business reviewing the year in Television when there is absolutely nothing I can add to Charlie Brookers commentary. Watch the Screenwipe recap of 2007 in three parts here, here aaaaand finally here. Even if you find him patronising and can’t stomach someone telling you about your own TV habits, settle down with a bovril and give it 28 minutes of your time… just this once.

Oh and check out the tribute to Ronnie Hazlehurst at the end of the show after the jump. The composer died earlier this year, if you grew up on British Telly in the 80’s, you know his work. This is the guy from Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and The IT Crowd covering the theme tune to Ronnie Corbett’s Sorry. And if that last sentence was too much of a mouthful for you… thats what she said. Merry New Year everyone!

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