Curb Your Enthusiasm S06E10 – The Bat Mitzvah

8 01 2008

Due to a (constant never ending) backlog of TV, I just got around to watching the last few episodes of the sixth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and I was pleasantly surprised by the finale.

These days when I have a spare moment, I get to make a choice between spending quality time with the mrs, quality time with the PSWii, watching something on my overloaded Sky+ planner, reading one of the books I got for Chrimbo (“Chrissy” to you Aussies) or watching some of the content that is constantly downloading to my auto-starting bandwidth guzzling RSS utilising bittorrent client.

So when the first few episodes of this seasons Curb didn’t have me laughing out loud instantaneously, I was maybe a little hasty when I decided I would watch the rest at some undetermined future juncture. It just all seemed a bit contrived to me this season, with the Black family (no no, that’s their surname) coming into the show as comedy stereotypes, although I even misjudged them because I actually laughed hardest at Leon in the later eps.

Disclaimer: If you are in the UK and don’t want to know intimate details of Season 6, stop reading nnnnnow.

Although Steve Coogan’s appearance in the penultimate episode had me in stitches, there was much about the finale which made it the seasons best for me. Larry and Richard with a nice bit of improv over Bin Laden’s name (Ben Laden? Sounds like a Jewish New York Tailor) and the to and fro with the receptionist at the doctors was very good, I hope that actress goes far, her delivery was spot-on.

One thing I didn’t get until I looked it up were how the gerbil-in-the-arse rumours that Larry was trying to dispel in his toast were reminiscent of those that plagued Richard Gere for a large part of his career. I don’t know why this was the week to lay into the American Gigolo though.

Another thing I found online and was quite happy to agree with was the dislike for Cheryl, Larry’s now estranged wife. The general consensus on the forum I visited was that she has become more annoying each year, and I am inclined to agree.She is supposed to be the stable, calm rational thinker in opposition to Larrys particular brand of crazy, but she has just become annoying, and I was happy to see her screen time taken up by Leon this season. This scene where there phones get mixed-up shows the chemistry between Leon and Larry, and is funnier than anything Cheryl has done since season one.If you aren’t getting what I’m saying, Leon was generally awesome.

Anyway, my most enjoyable moment of this finale, and maybe of all time, was the last scene where Susie finally gets told about herself. The look on Larrys face, the look on Susies face, the way the words flow off Vivica Foxs tongue? thats the reason she was hired! Larry and Loretta, a match made in a twisted heaven.




2 responses

8 01 2008

so please do tell…

whats this auto-starting bandwidth guzzling RSS utilising bittorrent client?

8 01 2008

It’s Utorrent! use the RSS tutorial on “” and set the client to auto-start when you turn on your PC.. you’re in one touch download heaven..

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