The Wire

29 02 2008

I just finished watch Season 3 last night. I wrote a humongous post about it, and WordPress deleted it when I clicked “publish”. I’m still angry. Watch the clip below, it’s better than my original post anyway…

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BBC on iTunes

19 02 2008

Just a quick note to say that BBC shows started appearing on iTunes this evening, ahead of an expected announcement on Tuesday morning. Spooks, Life on Mars and The Mighty Boosh are among the better offerings, with someone also having the gall to put Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps on there, under the baner of “The Best of British TV”. I’ll let all you UK readers know what this means for your licence fee once I have had the chance to think of something subtly witty. Oooh… no it’s gone again.

The C Word

18 02 2008

Does anyone remember when Caprice Bourret used the C-word (no, not courage) on morning TV in the UK? It was on This Morning with Richard and Judy, and she was on to promote her stint acting in the fembot spectacle “The Vagina Monologues”. I can’t find the clip (it was before the days where you couldn’t fart without someone uploading it on the interweb) but her accent was so thick that neither Richard nor Judy noticed, ITV got in a bit of trouble and the show got some free publicity.

Well a funny thing happened the other day in New York. Jane Fonda, now starring in the same play on (or maybe off, who cares right?) Broadway, uttered the same word “by accident” during an interview with Meredith Viera on The Today Show. Only it wasn’t an accident, it was very deliberate froma woman who has been in the business long enough to know when you can and can’t use the c-word.

So Vagina Monologues people, this is just a little post to let you know I’m onto your little ruse of fouling the daytime airwaves for free publicity, and you can take it elsewhere, you cunts! (A Bit strong? Maybe)

Anyway, watch Jane Fonda’s innocent slip after the jump…

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BBC Three

14 02 2008

You all know how I feel about BBC Three, I don’t need to go into it again here. Last night I was so sick I sat and watched a full hour of the new revamped channel, because I was too dizzy to lean forward and pick up the remote. I was watching a show called Phoo Action starring Jaime Winstone and Carl Weathers (He was the reason I tuned in, I was looking for some money saving tips). Now I’m not going to slate the show, because I always admire it when writers try something different, and that is the raison d’etre for the BBC, to innovate without fear of reprisal from Proctor & Gamble or Ford.

But being different in itself isn’t a reason for praise. The show suffers from some weak acting, disguised as over the top performing, and a lack of focus. I love a convoluted plot as much as the next man, but by the end I wasn’t 100% sure what  was happening, and more importantly I didn’t care. Maybe that was the dizzies, I guess we will never know…

To find out how spectacularly badly the relaunch of BBC Three went last night, click here.

I’m Sick…

13 02 2008

I’m feeling a bit under the weather at the moment, but I was perked up a little by the news that the strike is officially over! About flippin time, now lets hope they can get those last 8 episodes of Lost filmed this season.

Another show that was postponed in its “not-so-prime” was 24, with season 7 ready to roll with Jack in court before the strike cut shooting short. Now I am reading that Jack won’t be back until January ’09!  Although according to a user on Digg, knocking out a 24 script really doesn’t take much..

Let me write a season of 24 for you right now:

Terrorist plot, Jack bauer intercepts. Plot twists, plot gets larger. CTU is infiltrated. Jack has a new wife/lover. Someone in CTU dies/humps a coworker. Plot twist again- oh snap you didn’t see that coming! More shootouts and call ins on an impossibly complicated cell phone. Jack whispers because it’s cool. Plot gets ridiculous but you’re invested so you continue to watch and hope the suffering ends. Arabic guy gets a nuke/chemical weapon and does something bad but is caught before he blows the world up. Blah, blah… Jack saves the day but suffers personal loss in the process.

There, let’s start filming.

What? I’m cut/pasting quotes from other forums now for my blog posts? Give me a break, I’m sick! Anyway, it made me laugh. Like Fat Tony once said, it’s funny because it’s true.

EDIT:- Wow, I must have touched a nerve with someone over at Fox. A little over 3 hours after my post, Joel Surnow, co-creator of 24, left the show. Read all about it here. Good luck Joel.


10 02 2008

I need your help. This website has been brought to my attention, and quite frankly I can’t see anything wrong with it. I haven’t signed up yet, but they market themselves as a “Freeview Web-PVR” allowing their users to set timed recordings for their favourite shows. Are they circumventing the law?


3 02 2008

What happened to me this week that was TV related??

-Well for starters, my Sky+ decided to start playing up on me, and deleted my series links for both Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach which means I’ve missed an episode of each.

-I’ll try and go back to them, but I hate missing out on vital details and Moving Wallpaper has quite a nice bit of attention to detail that might go over my head now.

-The strike is now almost 10 weeks deep, so how come Las Vegas is on Episode 16??? Just how many episodes did they film before the scribes put pens down? Keep it coming team, its the kind of fluff I love!

-I won’t believe this rumour until I’m standing in line to watch it! Jason Bateman spoke to Kristin Veitch about a potential Arrested Development Movie. Read more about it here.

-Sky really got a thumbs up by putting the Season 4 premiere of Lost on Sky Anytime, uninterrupted and in HD. It means I watched it last night,and I can prepare for Ghana v Nigeria tonight properly, without worrying about Jack or Kate (not that I care about Jack).

-Speaking of and ABC TV studios, Jeff Zucker and NBC Universal may get all the press, but its ABC Television and Walt Disney Studios that quietly cut the best international deal, and move the TV business model forward outside of Hollywood. I mentioned BSkyb’s deal with them earlier, but this week they also tied up deals with Tiscali and TF1, the second allowing the French broadcaster to broadcast Lost one day after its US transmission date. The only real way to kill downloading is to give the people an alternative whereby they don’t have to get up off their couches/sofas/chaise longue.

Finally, I’ll leave you with Sarah Silvermans confession video to her husband Jimmy Kimmel. It would seem she has a little thing going on with Matt Damon, watch the video to find out more.

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