I’m Sick…

13 02 2008

I’m feeling a bit under the weather at the moment, but I was perked up a little by the news that the strike is officially over! About flippin time, now lets hope they can get those last 8 episodes of Lost filmed this season.

Another show that was postponed in its “not-so-prime” was 24, with season 7 ready to roll with Jack in court before the strike cut shooting short. Now I am reading that Jack won’t be back until January ’09!  Although according to a user on Digg, knocking out a 24 script really doesn’t take much..

Let me write a season of 24 for you right now:

Terrorist plot, Jack bauer intercepts. Plot twists, plot gets larger. CTU is infiltrated. Jack has a new wife/lover. Someone in CTU dies/humps a coworker. Plot twist again- oh snap you didn’t see that coming! More shootouts and call ins on an impossibly complicated cell phone. Jack whispers because it’s cool. Plot gets ridiculous but you’re invested so you continue to watch and hope the suffering ends. Arabic guy gets a nuke/chemical weapon and does something bad but is caught before he blows the world up. Blah, blah… Jack saves the day but suffers personal loss in the process.

There, let’s start filming.

What? I’m cut/pasting quotes from other forums now for my blog posts? Give me a break, I’m sick! Anyway, it made me laugh. Like Fat Tony once said, it’s funny because it’s true.

EDIT:- Wow, I must have touched a nerve with someone over at Fox. A little over 3 hours after my post, Joel Surnow, co-creator of 24, left the show. Read all about it here. Good luck Joel.




2 responses

16 02 2008

I KNOW that’s a typo (crosses fingers!) LOL

16 02 2008

Well I’ve just seen the newspiece… apparently not…



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