BBC Three

14 02 2008

You all know how I feel about BBC Three, I don’t need to go into it again here. Last night I was so sick I sat and watched a full hour of the new revamped channel, because I was too dizzy to lean forward and pick up the remote. I was watching a show called Phoo Action starring Jaime Winstone and Carl Weathers (He was the reason I tuned in, I was looking for some money saving tips). Now I’m not going to slate the show, because I always admire it when writers try something different, and that is the raison d’etre for the BBC, to innovate without fear of reprisal from Proctor & Gamble or Ford.

But being different in itself isn’t a reason for praise. The show suffers from some weak acting, disguised as over the top performing, and a lack of focus. I love a convoluted plot as much as the next man, but by the end I wasn’t 100% sure what  was happening, and more importantly I didn’t care. Maybe that was the dizzies, I guess we will never know…

To find out how spectacularly badly the relaunch of BBC Three went last night, click here.



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