Lost S04E08 – Meet Kevin Johnson

22 03 2008

A little disappointing, I have to say. When it comes to Lost I like to do a little reading ahead, and I was led to understand that this episode would explain a few things about Michael, and what he has been up to. The answer is… not much.

His reasons for being on Widmore’s freighter don’t add up. So the basic idea is that to clear his conscience of the deaths of two innocents (Ana-Lucia and Libby) that he killed to save his son, he would goback to the island and kill a bunch of other people that he just met, to save the lives of those he betrayed on the island. That is remarkably flimsy. I think I would have preferred it if Ben had kidnapped Walt again.

Another thing that bothered me was the new idea put forward that if you leave the island, suicide is no longer an option. Unlike a lot of people, I love most of the supernatural elements of Lost, but this may be a step too far. I watched Stephen King’s “Christine” the other night, and Michaels attempts to kill himself kinda reminded me of the car coming back again and again after taking a beating. I didn’t like that, and I don’t like this. Michael should be able to drown, hang or blow his brains out if he should choose.

Watch the promo for the remaining five episodes of the season after the jump, which clearly mentions that Aaron is one of the “Oceanic Six”.




One response

22 03 2008

The off-island immortality deal was very interesting! We saw it happening with Jack too when he was about to jump off the bridge and the car wreck stopped him.

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