iTunes updates…

27 04 2008

UK programming abound on both sides of the Atlantic on iTunes. ITV have started selling their old archive stuff on the UK store, including Lewis and Brideshead Revisited (Riveting, my mum says). On the US store, BBC AMerica has started selling the likes of Little Britain and Torchwood. So there you go.

Success for Pushing Daisies

13 04 2008

I told quite a few people at work to watch it, and they decided that if it wasn’t good they would blame me blah blah blah…well I hope you all liked it! BBC are reporting that 5.4 million viewers tuned in. While thats a success for a Saturday night drama on ITV1, it was still beaten by accident-fest Casualty on BBC One. In other news, Day was followed rather swiftly by night.

If you weren’t impressed and you are wondering whether to give the show a second chance or go out next Saturday, next week there is a scene with Kristin Chenoweth singing that is worth the entrance fee alone. If TV had an entrance fee. Which it should. Keep those hoodies away…