Success for Pushing Daisies

13 04 2008

I told quite a few people at work to watch it, and they decided that if it wasn’t good they would blame me blah blah blah…well I hope you all liked it! BBC are reporting that 5.4 million viewers tuned in. While thats a success for a Saturday night drama on ITV1, it was still beaten by accident-fest Casualty on BBC One. In other news, Day was followed rather swiftly by night.

If you weren’t impressed and you are wondering whether to give the show a second chance or go out next Saturday, next week there is a scene with Kristin Chenoweth singing that is worth the entrance fee alone. If TV had an entrance fee. Which it should. Keep those hoodies away…




One response

18 04 2008

I have heard this is a good show although I am have not watched it to date… Apparantly ITV are not showing episode 2 of the first series but are going straight to episode 3 . which on the surface appears a very strange decision….

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