20 07 2008

That’s what I said when I realised the date of my last post. Where did the time go?

I’ll tell you where, concentrating on my (still newish) job, helping my fiancee plan our wedding, emptying my Google reader, doing more photography than ever, and actually watching more TV than there is humanly possible to talk about.

And that segues me neatly in what I logged in to say. I’m calling “Me and the TV” a day. It was a fun ride while it lasted, but over the last few months I’ve discovered that I prefer reading and agreeing with other peoples thoughts on TV far more exhilarating than actually writing about my own thoughts. This was reflected in the length of my posts, and the amount of times I let Youtube do the talking for me. That’s no way to run a blog, in my opinion.

Anywho, I would like to thank every single person that took time out to read an article I posted, watched a show on my recommendation (and then cursed me for not giving them back that hour of their lives), or left a comment on my blog, even if you were putting me to shame with your superior knowledge.

If you found yourself agreeing with me, I have a blog to recommend to you that should go some way to replacing the huge void in your internet life that I clearly haven’t been filling since May.

Televisionary is a blog about TV that I always read and agree with about 99% of the time. They guy who writes it is nice and has helped me out with stuff in the past, which is a rarity in the media industry.

Anyway, let me sign off by telling you that as of 20th July 2008, the finest comedy I ever watched was Arrested Development. The finest drama I ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on was season 4 of The Wire. And I’m ashamed to admit that the finest reality show I ever viewed from behind the sofa was the first season of FOX’s Temptation Island. Although lying in a hotel room in Lisbon, watching “I love New York” on MTV Europe with German subtitles comes a surprisingly close second. Top that list, I dare you.

You can still catch up with what I’m reading on Friendfeed, and as always I’ll keep taking pictures on Flickr, but as far as writing about TV is concerned, take care of yourselves, and each other. Goodnight, and good luck.