30 Rock S02E04 – Rosemary’s Baby

29 10 2007

This was one of the funniest episodes yet. I watched it alone at about 2am, and I was constantly trying to muffle the sounds of my own laughter not to wake people up.

Carrie Fisher made a guest appearance as a washed up comedy writer, and managed to squeeze out her most famous Princess Leia line, as well as uttering a string of obscenities reminiscent of Gob’s famous sexual harrasment speech.

By far the best scene though, and Alec baldwin’s best moment so far as Jack Donaghy was his scene with Tracy Jordan and the psychiatrist.

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17 09 2007

All is good with the world. Why, you ask? Because 30 Rock was recognised at The Emmys with the best comedy award. Nothing else that happened at the ceremony matters. If you haven’t watched it, Channel 5 will be airing season 1 in January. Watch the opening act of the 2007 Emmys ceremony after the jump Kanye West presenting an award at last nights ceremony after the jump. Probably as good as the show got. :-

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30 Rock S01E21 – Hiatus

27 04 2007

Well I watched it this morning just like I said I would, and I have to say it was a little disappointing. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but I will say I don’t think they made the best use of 22 minutes of story time. The ep felt very rushed, and there was no flow to it, even from the opening seconds. the opening scene is normally just that, a scene. But I felt that in this ep there were four or five sketches cobbled together. As a result of the rushed nature of the episode, I don’t think any of the storylines were tied up adequately. Don’t get me wrong, there were enough jokes in it to make me chuckle, but as a season finale it was a bit lacklustre. If this is the exit of Alec Baldwin, it could have been a whole lot better. The ep also made me realise just how different the show has become towards the end of the year. The gawky looking guy had his first lines in weeks, and we kind of saw the writers room for a few seconds, when at one point that was the focal point of the show.  These are all minor gripes, and I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed season one of this wonderful comedy. If you missed it, it’s worth buying on DVD when it comes out, which will be in the next few months I’m sure.

Falling behind..

27 04 2007

I have had a busy week, and as a result I have only watched one, nay two programs. One was great, one was decidedly average. My point is that if I don’t update, it’s not because I have abandoned this blog (It’s just that Facebook is taking over my life).

I will most definitely be watching the 30 Rock finale tomorrow morning at my desk though, nothing can keep me from finding out the fate of Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy.  It is a shame if the rumours that Alec Baldwin wants off the show are true. He makes it happen time and again. Watch the build-up clip after the jumpski.

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30 Rock S01E20 – Cleveland

20 04 2007

I can’t write too much about this, because I’m sitting at my desk at work on the oh-so-brief lunch break that they provide. I just watched this ep in a quiet open plan office with headphones on, and nearly exploded in my attempts not too laugh out loud. I was creating new noises out of my ears, nose and maybe even my eyes.

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30 Rock S01E19 – Corporate Crush

13 04 2007

Friday mornings are now officially 30 Rock time for me. It has settled into a funny groove, the writers have become very comfortable with this set of characters, and it really shows. Wait, scratch that, I sound really up myself. Let me just tell you what I liked about the ep.

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30 Rock S01E18 – Fireworks

6 04 2007

Ok everyone, it’s bold statement time again! Here I go… If there is a funnier actor, (TV/Movies/Theatre/Improv) in the English language speaking world than Will Arnett, then write his name in the comments below this post. Not very bold at all really is it. What I will say is I watch TV from Tottenham to Tokyo, from Sydney to… seattle and I have not come across anyone in the last few years as flat out funny as the guy who was Gob. The minute he showed up in this episode as a guest star, I sat up and anticipated a classic. And I got one.

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