Lost S04E08 – Meet Kevin Johnson

22 03 2008

A little disappointing, I have to say. When it comes to Lost I like to do a little reading ahead, and I was led to understand that this episode would explain a few things about Michael, and what he has been up to. The answer is… not much.

His reasons for being on Widmore’s freighter don’t add up. So the basic idea is that to clear his conscience of the deaths of two innocents (Ana-Lucia and Libby) that he killed to save his son, he would goback to the island and kill a bunch of other people that he just met, to save the lives of those he betrayed on the island. That is remarkably flimsy. I think I would have preferred it if Ben had kidnapped Walt again. Read the rest of this entry »

Lost S04E05 – The Constant

1 03 2008

The best episode of Lost since the last time I wrote that. Seriously, that was easily the best treatment on time travel since Back to the Future, maybe even better because it doesn’t involve paradoxes (I think). Since an interview in the Summer when Matthew Fox was quoted saying that this was the season people would find out “not just where they are, but when they are“, I’ve been waiting for the explanation, but I had no idea it would be told so eloquently. Listen to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse on this weeks official Lost podcast clear up any questions you may have on their interpretation on time travel.

My only question is, does that explain the flashbacks? And if so, are they all going to die of cerebral aneurisms over the next 36 episodes???

The other thing they clear up in the podcast is that because of the strike there will be only five new episodes this season, in addition to the eight already produced before the strike began. These five hours will condense what was originally a plan for eight episodes, but those three missing hours will be added onto season five for a total of nineteen episodes in 2009, followed by a final sixteen in 2010. So plenty to look forward to then… Click on to see two sneak peeks from next weeks Juliet-centric episode, the other woman. About time we found out about her past/present/future.

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Good news for Pushing Daisies

4 10 2007

I just noticed yesterdays ratings, and the drama that has redefined quirky ever since it was announced trounced the competition in the 18-49 demographic last night, and that after many a critic (including myself) said that it would be much loved but untouched by the masses. Pushing Daisies scored a 4.2 rating and had over 12 million viewers at 8pm last night, with the closest competition coming from CBS with Kid nation watched by 7.5 mil.

While this doesn’t guarantee the show a full season or anything, the numbers are very encouraging. It will be interesting to see how many of them drop off next week.

Incidentally, in the 9pm hour, Bionic Woman was off almost 30% from the premiere numbers. Lets see if that gets a mention in the UK media.
Pushing Daisies will probably start on ITV1 in the new year, before a lack of understanding by those who watch coronation street and the Bill causes it to be moved to a late night ITV2 slot. Watch the promo for episode 2 (in a crappier than usual quality) after the jump:

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26 07 2007

There was this midseason show called Miss/Guided, and I was really looking forward to it. It starred Judy Greer (Kitty Sanchez in Arrested Development) as a high school guidance counsellor, and the long promo I watched had me chuckling. Then I heard that Rob Thomas (former Exec producer of Veronica Mars) was on board as executive producer and that made it an even better proposition.

Well now it seems Rob Thomas isn’t involved with the project, which is a real shame as he has this knack of making high school/College drama come across very realistically, without much cheese. He left because of creative differences.

So the new exec producer is someone called Mark Hudis. I don’t know who he is, but he better be able to make with the ha ha from episode one. no pressure though Mark!

For a preview of the show, click here and navigate to ABC’s shows. Trust me, Judy Greer can do funny.

Video of the Week – Lost plane crash remixed

17 06 2007

This weeks top video is from Lost. A Youtube user has re-edited the plane crash that started it all, but with all the perspectives we currently know about. So we have Jack and Rose in their seats, Desmond on a mission to “Push the Button”, and the others at their book club meeting. Enjoy it after the jump.

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Pushing Daisies goes to….

7 06 2007

…ITV. The drama I am most looking forward to has been purchased by the channel I like the least. On the upside, it has been said that ITV will be showing US dramas in primetime. My personal opinion is that after two airings, and with regular ITV viewers scratching their heads wondering at what point the number is going to appear for them to vote for something, the powers that be will schedule into oblivion, with an 11pm graveyard slot, or even shunted to ITV2. My crystal ball sees all. Watch the longest promo I could find for the show after the jump.

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Lost S03E22-S03E23 – Through the Looking Glass

25 05 2007

I just this second finished watching it.  I am almost speechless, that was the sort of episode that made Lost the most talked about program on TV. For spoiler reasons, my thoughts after the jump.

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Lost S03E21 – Greatest Hits

17 05 2007

There were some powerful scenes in this episode, I think I may have underestimated the acting ability of Dominic Monaghan, and the potential of Charlie “Driveshaft” as I like to call him (because I can’t remember his surname… all I can think of is ‘Bucket’). Now I know I am eating my words, because I’ve been waiting for Charlie’s death for a long time, but as the moment drew closer, I realised that i wasn’t as happy as I thought I would be, and maybe I would prefer Sayid and his needless exposition dialogue dead instead.

Anywho, as an episode it was quite good, not up to the standard of late, but that is understandable as there was a lot to set up for the 2 hour season finale next week. And then thats it. No more Lost until Jan 2008. So savour it, starting with the US and Canadian trailers, to your right. No, your right. There you are.

ABC Primetime Schedule 2007-2008

16 05 2007

ABC have had a really solid season, and but for American Idol would be celebrating some gains in the major demographics, I’m almost sure of it. So their new schedule didn’t need much tweaking, but it seems at first glance they have made some major changes. With no Lost until January, the Wednesday line up is all new, with the much anticipated (by me) Pushing Daisies kicking things off. Dirty Sexy Money looks like the kind of show my fiancee would be interested in, so I will run that pilot by her before I declare it “for girls”. Women’s Murder Club has the most interesting title, again I’m useless until I know the dealio. I feel so neutered without my pilots. I’m not surprised that Knights of Prosperity got axed, but I wish they had given it a chance. NBC would have given it another year. But then NBC would have given me sitting on the toilet another year. Read the full ‘sked’ after the jump.

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I want to see this…

14 05 2007

Network logosThis week is a big one for the industry, with the five broadcast networks unveiling their schedules for the coming Autumn. Because I won’t be in LA to watch pilots (and I don’t have a problem with that) I will be waiting for some kind souls to upload them to Mininova, at which point I will be telling you guys all about them. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to any one show (except maybe the one with Jason Biggs and David Cross about the Wall Street guy who dies and goes to hell) until I read the Televisionary’s review of Pushing Daisies, from the creators of Wonderfalls.

Now I have to tell you as much as I loved every single episode of Wonderfalls, I am amazed that it ever got to air with such a wacky premise, and this new show looks just the same. It has to be read (or seen, whatever) to be believed. So this is my tip for my favourite show of next season, that nobody gets and is canceled before November sweeps.

As I hear more about pilots I will let y’all (southern accent included) know about them right away. NBC announce their schedule at 8pm (BST) tonight. I will be asleep on a tube home, but I will post it up soon after that, when I wake up waay past my stop minus wallet, phone and underpants. peace.

Lost S03E20 – The Man Behind the Curtain

11 05 2007

This episode brought back memories. The first was when I did a google image search to find a picture of John Locke. One website had a picture above a caption reading “The Man, the Legend” and I thought back to season 1, when this was a character worth watching, full of mystery and intrigue, and you couldn’t wait to see his next crazy move. Nowadays he is more like a predictable, shallow man who makes you cringe with every crazy move. The other thing I was reminded of was the rumour/fact that around the time of Lost’s inception, ABC told Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof that everything they did had to be able to be explained by science and technology available today. Which brings us to episode 20… I’m not sure even Einstein can explain Jacob to me.

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Where were we?

7 05 2007

I have been a bit under the weather the last couple of days, hence the lack of updates when there has actually been lots going down in TV town.

2010 is a date most Lost fans will be interested in. That is the date that ABC have earmarked for the end of the island based series, in a departure from the norms of US TV and hopefully not to the detriment of the show. 48 more episodes have been ordered, and they will play out over 3 years in 16 episode seasons, taking the grand total to 120 come May ’10. I wonder if ratings will drop over the next couple of years followed by a sharp rise in season 6?

The English Premier League have launched legal proceedings against Youtube for copyright infringement. Are the Premier League really as stupid as they sound? Do they really think that by suing the largest of the aggregated video sites the problem will go away? No, it will shift to Dailymotion (in fact it already has), where I can pick up goals around the world minutes after they are scored. The only way for the premier league, and all other leagues for that matter to take charge of the situation is to offer up the clips for free with advertising on their official sites. Or learn the hard way that you cannot govern the internet.

Scrubs will have a cliffhanger ending this year (I am betting that JD does something to sabotage Elliot’s happiness), which is risky because there is a good chance NBC will not renew the show next year. The word on the street is that if they are cancelled on the peacock then ABC will pick up the show.

Isn’t Heroes great? That’s all I have to say on that subject! Apologies if I have posted this link before, but here are details of season two that should whet the appetite.

It’s a bank holiday here in the UK, so I forgot it was a Monday and I haven’t acquired my weekly fixes of Entourage and Sopranos, along with all those Fox animation thingies. So i’m off to do all that now, and watch them from under the duvet.

What I missed last night…

20 04 2007

Sea of Souls – Thats it. because I don’t watch TV I haven’t been bombarded with promos for the return of this drama that I have heard is pretty good. Hopefully some kind person has recorded it in HD and uploaded it to the series of tubes known as the internet. If you don’t know the program, click here.

I did watch something last night (although it seems like I didn’t because it was cut at the beginning and the end), it’s called Notes from the Underbelly, and it is a comedy about pregnancy. although I didn’t laugh once, there was something about it that is going to make me tune in again. Read about it here.

Other than that, I’ve been neglecting TV in favour of Pro Evo on PS2 today. This game is so good, it has even improved my skills in real life. true story.