Be… very fast.

16 03 2007

I wrote a little while back about Be, the internet provider that promise 24mb download speeds. The day I signed up it was fast, but after that it kind of fell into the 6-7mb zone, meaning my TV shows legal work related legal legal files were taking a little while to come.

But then I came back from holiday, and something was different. I went to get a 1.08gb file over bittorrent, busied myself for about 20 mins, gave it a check and… the file was done. Cool I thought, I got lucky. But I noticed as I added more torrents, the speed just kept rising, and it eventually peaked at 1.82 mbps, which was that fastest I’ve ever seen Azureus moving. From iTunes I can report a similar story. Five episodes of Andy Barker P.I. came to my mac in a little under 12 minutes.

I just did a speed test, and it topped out at 15.7mbps, even though I’ve clearly beaten that with a rusty pole. I am now at a stage where I am downloading random HD content just to “see the pretty pictures”. Good times. Good, super-fast times. If that doesn’t impress you, it means you are leading a well balanced life devoid of any sort of any form of geeky pleasures. That is all.