BBC on iTunes

19 02 2008

Just a quick note to say that BBC shows started appearing on iTunes this evening, ahead of an expected announcement on Tuesday morning. Spooks, Life on Mars and The Mighty Boosh are among the better offerings, with someone also having the gall to put Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps on there, under the baner of “The Best of British TV”. I’ll let all you UK readers know what this means for your licence fee once I have had the chance to think of something subtly witty. Oooh… no it’s gone again.

NBC pull out of the itunes store

31 08 2007

Now that is a shame. I know I said this last year, but with the advent of high-def downloads almost upon us, this was going to be the season that I bought an Apple TV, paid Steve Jobs for a season pass and watched season 2 of Heroes and season 4 of The Office legitimately.

NBC accounted for 40% of the TV sales on the itunes store. Now, without knowing the details, they have turned thousands back to bittorrent, and lost a tiny portion of revenue themselves. According to reports, they wanted higher prices for new shows and lower prices for old ones, as well as a tighter DRM restrictions. Wow, thats a lot of demanding from a failing network. Oh well. Hopefully NBC Universal’s joint venture with Fox, Hulu, will get them where they want to be in the online video world. Or not.

On a related note, NBC’s hottest property of the moment, Heroes, has sent the cast and crew on a world tour. For video of Last nights London press conference at the Gherkin, click here.

¬†UPDATE:- Apple have released statement, saying they will withdraw NBC shows from the itunes store before the new season starts next month. They note that NBC were trying to get them to raise the wholesale price for each show, meaning Apple would have had to charge $4.99 per episode next season. Are NBC crazy??? Are they now going to take down every bittorrent tracker on the internet? Because that is the only way they will regain any revenue from this debacle. Why can’t Apple and companies called Universal get along?

At last…

29 08 2007

I just found out that Apple have started selling TV “Programmes” via iTunes on the UK store. Disney and Viacom seem to be the only providers at this time. It remains to be seen how often these shows are updated.

Posting Frequency…

5 06 2007

You may have noticed (who wouldn’t) that the frequency of my posts has dropped dramatically over the last couple of weeks, well the reason is two-fold. First of all, I’ve been moving house and my access to computers has been limited the last week, both at work and at home. That is all set to change any day now when I splurge on a macbook.. maybe. I’ll wait to see what Steve Jobs has to say on Thursday.

The other reason is that the US TV season is over, and i am taking a bit of a break from constant TV watching. At the moment there are only 3 shows on my schedule.

The last Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (S01E18) I watched was absolutely fantastic, and I won’t let anyone tell me otherwise. It is a real shame it couldn’t find an audience. Or the audience found it, compared it unfavourably to West Wing and changed channel. The scene where Tom Jetter finds out his brother is being held hostage in Iraq was quite moving. If you are in the UK and have avoided the download, it starts on E4 June 30th.

This weeks episode of Entourage (S03E20) was less of a finale and more of a new beginning for the boys. I’ve been bitching for weeks about the lack of actual movie-making in season 3, but it seems as if everything is finally coming together. Although i’m pretty sure Sloane is about to kick Eric to the curb. In a strange move for HBO, they are starting Season 4 the Sunday after next, so not long to find out if I am right.

As we head towards the final episode of The Sopranos, it is starting to dawn on me how big a loss this show will be to HBO, and my personal viewing habits. The show has become the drama I compare not just TV shows, but gangster movies to and hold up as an example that cinematic quality can be brought to the living room. What will happen to Tony Soprano? If it is anything like the death of Bobby Baccala in this weeks episode (S06E20), it will be ruthless. Watch it after the jump. Viewer discretion is something something…

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European iTunes news

28 04 2007


Two little things about TV shows and movies on the iTunes store in the UK. Firstly, the company that own the company I work for (huge conglomerate that some people like, a lot of people hate) have been asked to make TV shows ready for the UK store. I know how vague that sounds, but it’s better than nothing right?

And secondably (!), Apple’s vice-President for Europe, Pascal Cagni, has confirmed that movies will be available on European iTunes stores by the end of the year. I originally wrote that it would happen by the Spring, but… what are you gonna do? There is a month of spring left anyway. Or “Printemps”, to Mr Cagni.

Me and the (Apple) TV

13 04 2007

It took me ages to think of the title of this post. Yesterday I went and had my first ever play around with Apple TV. And I have to say it almost shut me up. Not quite, but almost. I was in the Apple store in Regent Street, London and I was waiting for someone, so I thought I would wait behind someone who was trying it out for the first time, huffing and sighing until they moved along and let me have a go.

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Bittorrent reading material

11 04 2007

I thought I would read this article even though I don’t think it was particularly accurate. It’s called “is iTunes changing the way 20-somethings watch TV?” and is a half assed look at the reason young people are leaving TV in their droves, combined with data from the iTunes chart and testimony of some college students.

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Apple TV for all!

22 03 2007

Just a quick note to say that after a short delay, Apple TV started shipping today. For the unaware, this is the set-top box that streams all your music, photos, podcasts, TV and movies from itunes on your PC/mac to your TV. There is a review in the Wall Street Journal here. As much iTunes content as I now have, this product still doesn’t appeal to me. If you read ilounges top 10 reasons not to buy Apple TV, I stopped at 10 because that’s what I sometimes do. But for someone with a small iMac in a bedroom and a huge LCD in their living room, this could be the thingie that unleashes all their DRM’ed media! Huzzah!

itunes video content for Europe at last

31 01 2007

Yesterday the Government of Luxembourg confirmed that Apple inc were setting up their European base there to start video distribution over itunes. Luxembourg is already home to a few other European headquarters of major corporations like Amazon and AOL (hey, wait a minute, they all start with A as well). Apparently it’s because Luxemborg have the lowest rates of VAT in Europe. So anyway, the economy minister Jeannot Krecke blabbed and I’m sure Apple are resisting the urge to sue the pants off the whole country.

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An hour and a half to go to til Macworld opens..

9 01 2007

.. and I have a prediction.

Steve Jobs will announce a renamed set-top box, and not only will it be able to wirelessly stream video, it will have a huge hard drive for HD downloads and google content. What? All that was already announced? Well I’m boned in the sweepstake then! Check back here at 6 to see what he did reveal that will change the way you watch TV. And I mean figuratively, not “the angle you sit at to watch television”. Unless he unveils a new kind of chair.. and calls it an “ichair”. Oh I am sooo copyrighting that idea!

Ok, he is speaking now..

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Download News

19 09 2006

This blog is getting a bit techie isn’t it? Don’t worry luddites, I’ve got a feature coming up on abacus’s (abaci?) that will knock you off your feet! Booyah! Until then I have a bit of news for you that interest me.

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