3 02 2008

What happened to me this week that was TV related??

-Well for starters, my Sky+ decided to start playing up on me, and deleted my series links for both Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach which means I’ve missed an episode of each.

-I’ll try and go back to them, but I hate missing out on vital details and Moving Wallpaper has quite a nice bit of attention to detail that might go over my head now.

-The strike is now almost 10 weeks deep, so how come Las Vegas is on Episode 16??? Just how many episodes did they film before the scribes put pens down? Keep it coming team, its the kind of fluff I love!

-I won’t believe this rumour until I’m standing in line to watch it! Jason Bateman spoke to Kristin Veitch about a potential Arrested Development Movie. Read more about it here.

-Sky really got a thumbs up by putting the Season 4 premiere of Lost on Sky Anytime, uninterrupted and in HD. It means I watched it last night,and I can prepare for Ghana v Nigeria tonight properly, without worrying about Jack or Kate (not that I care about Jack).

-Speaking of and ABC TV studios, Jeff Zucker and NBC Universal may get all the press, but its ABC Television and Walt Disney Studios that quietly cut the best international deal, and move the TV business model forward outside of Hollywood. I mentioned BSkyb’s deal with them earlier, but this week they also tied up deals with Tiscali and TF1, the second allowing the French broadcaster to broadcast Lost one day after its US transmission date. The only real way to kill downloading is to give the people an alternative whereby they don’t have to get up off their couches/sofas/chaise longue.

Finally, I’ll leave you with Sarah Silvermans confession video to her husband Jimmy Kimmel. It would seem she has a little thing going on with Matt Damon, watch the video to find out more.

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Clark and Michael – Episode 2

5 06 2007

Just to let you all know that the second ep of Clark and Michael is available from “teh internets”. The first episode made me laugh out loud, if only for the facial expressions of Michael Cera as well as maybe the surprise appearance of Tony Hale as a studio exec. Click here to watch the magic.

Clark and Michael

26 05 2007

Remember when I told you that Michael Cera had signed a deal with CBS to write and star in an online comedy? and it was going to air exclusively on CBS’ online venture, innertube? You do? Well that’s amazing, because I was meaning to write about it but I never got around to it.

The program is now available, but not through innertube as originally promised, instead it is being shown on a whole new site which is pretty slick. Click here for the magic.

Canceled before their time

18 04 2007

While researching the article below (by researching I mean scouring Facebook for people I know), I came across this article on 13 TV shows that should never have been canceled. It’s worth the read for the write-up on Arrested Development alone. But there are other reasons to read it, not just that! I loved Andy Richter even though nobody else did, and one day i’m going to get round to watching Freaks and Geeks, because that sounds like an average night out in the pub for me.

Just to play devil’s advocate with the guy who wrote the article though, I would say some of them are so beloved because they were cut short in their prime… I’m sure he would agree.

Vodpod Update

20 02 2007

I added a few videos to my vodpod on the right there, because I was semi-bored of the other ones. There is a new promotion from NBC for My Name is Earl, and it’s quite clever. Joy has decided to auction some of her possessions to geeks on the Internet, and they are genuine Ebay auctions. I would find the link but if I open another tab my mac will explode.

The next clip is a montage from episode 11 of 30 Rock, and demonstrates how funny this show can be. Watch near the end when Liz asks what level of cousin they would have to be to make it ok. Her answer is hilarious.

Finally, I put in a video from Arrested Development. This may be the only joke about swinging, shagging and coercing single women into having sex that my mother has ever laughed at. and you can’t get a better endorsement than that.

I also decided to show you all how deftly a joke can be constructed, and how much writing you can pack into 2.53 secs. The volume of jokes in this sketch if you have the patience is astounding. “getting her all glittered up for Easter” is a cracker, but the punchline at the end of the clip, it’s worth the build up that I just gave it. Watch the video after the jump..

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The Winner S01E01

18 02 2007

I finally, finally got to watch a comedy that I have been waiting for since I heard about the pilot this time last year. The Winner stars Rob Corddry as a 32 year old man man who is, ironically, a real loser who still lives with his parents, is a virgin and whose best friend is a teenage boy. Sounds hilarious, no? Then why was I so disappointed?

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Get “Arrested” right now!

8 01 2007

So it’s Monday morning, you’re back at your desk, cursing life. I have a diversion for you! A while back, I reported that Microsoft had paid a tidy sum for the online rights to Arrested Development. Read the rest of this entry »

The Ruvvies 2006

1 01 2007

Thats right, the most important awards of the year are back! Pioneered on my old blog, they used to be about excellence in all fields, but really they are just a way of drawing your attention to some stuff I liked this year. On TV of course. Read the rest of this entry »

I need a “Hiro”.

30 11 2006

This week I watched some good TV. Same as last week. and the week before that. The highlights were Heroes, where Hiro Nakamura uttered the best line yet (Greato Scotto!) at just the right time. The Prison Break Fall finale was edge of the seat stuff, but the ending wasn’t as cliffhangy as previous episodes. (One thing about writing a blog is that you get to make up all the words you want). I just watched Veronica Mars, and one case was solved while another started. Much earlier than usual this season. Watch these three programs and you’re covered for laughs and drama, no need to watch anything else. Oh and 30 Rock. I need to laugh with someone else at the way Tracy Morgan says “Liz Lemon.”

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Jennifer Crittenden

16 11 2006

Who is she? I don’t know what this post is about, or the point I’m trying to get across. There is a woman out there whose name keeps appearing in my TV life. Please tell me I’m not the only one to notice this. Wikipedia says she wrote some episodes of The Simpsons back in the golden days, the standout example being “And Maggie Makes Three” which ends with the touching scene of homer back at the Nuclear plant, with the demotivational sign covered with pictures of Maggie to read “Do it for her”. Only a woman could have written that episode!

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Arrested Development

28 07 2006

this is it, my final ever story on Arrested Development. Its just a press release really, but… yeah. Finishing sentences is hard. “mmmm-mmmm, cups!” (disregard that if you haven’t seen me in a while.)

Anywho, whereever you are on planet Earth you will now be able to watch all 53 episodes in their entirety, at a time of your choosing.

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Development Arrested

11 02 2006

I just watched the final four episodes, and my limited vocabulary can’t describe how funny they were. I have never seen so many storylines tied up so cleverly, and with so much deft, subtle wit. It really was like watching 21st century Chaucer. I can’t immagine I’ll laugh so hard again at TV, but who knows. Because I can’t praise it highly enough, so I’ll post a few thoughts from fans and critics alike.

These quotes come from the Forums of “Television Without Pity” seconds after it finished.

-Amazing. If it was the end, and, sadly, I think it was, it was a brilliant way to end.

-No. F*cking. Words. ….I have to collect myself.

-I’m in tears, you guys. Seriously, that was one of the best half hours of my life and yet I’m in tears. Damn you and your genius, Hurwitz!!!

-If that was the finale for the show, that was absolutely the best finale I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I hope it wasn’t though.

-When Ron Howard said “it was Arrested Development” I just lost it. Taste the sad, guys.

-Best Episode Ever. It’s over, folks. That’s it. How could the show continue from here? It was great while it lasted.

-I don’t think it’s a matter of not being able to get the humor, but watching AD is akin to a good mental workout like a brainteaser. It’s like a game of reflexes to catch the rapid fire jokes, callbacks, freeze frame gags, etc. I can understand why not everyone would want to deal with that. Plus, you have to have a fairly perverse sense of humor to appreciate it all.

and this is probably the best reason I have read for its cancellation, taken from an article by Matthew Gilbert in the Boston Globe:

Indeed, we’re lucky to have gotten 53 rich episodes. I still marvel at the frequency of jokes in each 22-minute block of Arrested Development. The four final episodes, are so layered, you’ll want to re-watch them to catch the puns and self-references and sly allusions you overlooked. The writers of the show, led by creator Mitchell Hurwitz, loved to bury easy-to-miss comic Easter eggs in their dialogue. And with no laugh track to signal “LAUGH NOW” and a cast that’s expert at casually dropping lines, so many of the goofs on Tobias’s sexuality and Lucille’s alcoholism just snuck on by.

Thankfully, the series will always be re-watchable on the medium that has rescued TV from the electronic void: DVD.

But it wasn’t just the sophistication and intricacy of Arrested Development that doomed it. Yes, the show was so imaginatively out there it made viewers work to understand its unique comic language. But viewers are willing to disentangle tight plot knots on the likes of “Lost.” We’re not always lazy.

The deeper problem for “Arrested Development” was its identity as the antithesis of “Everybody Loves Raymond” at a time when family sitcoms have retreated from the edge. To be a hit domestic comedy, you have to be as fangless and traditional, or else leave domestic humor behind for the dating realm. Arguably, as global threats become more harsh, viewers prefer to see home life as a safe haven and not as the hyperactive battlefield it is on ”Arrested Development.”

It was probably not the right time for such a bent sitcom on a major network. It’s tempting to point the finger at Fox, for its reckless time-slotting of the show, which won Emmys for best comedy, writing, directing, and casting. But I sense that the cancellation has more to do with us than them. There is certainly a taste for wicked and abrasive TV comedy today, but it’s a cult phenomenon. Shows such as Ricky Gervais’s ”The Office” (which is cooler than the American version) and Larry David’s ”Curb Your Enthusiasm” probably wouldn’t thrive on a major network, where the priorities are high ratings and advertiser comfort with the material. If the rumors that Showtime will take over the Fox sitcom come true, which is highly unlikely, the cable network will serve as a better home.

”Arrested Development” was both wonderfully ludicrous and subtle. Alas, it might have been too much of each to survive.

If any of the cast or crew are skimming through blogger looking for Arrested Development news and come across this post, thanks for the comedy. 53 episodes of pure gold. Now I feel like less like doing my chicken dance, and more like walking to work like this.

As an epilogue to my Arrested Development coverage, I’m changing the name of the blog to “Hey, Hermano!” for as long as I feel like it, dedicated to the joke I’ve laughed hardest at in recent times. Oh yeah and google “funniest show on TV” and see what google brings up first. Like Ron Howard said at the end on Friday, “It was Arrested Development”.


14 01 2006

Yay! Celebrate the return of my weekly/monthly/whenever I feel like it TV column! I’m not even going to disguise the fact that this is just a scam to allow me to put “internet columnist” on my CV, and go for a job at “zoo” magazine. (I’m lying, I read nuts. I don’t know, I just find it more…. ballsy).

I’m going to start by saying this column will have (gasp) spoilers and I can’t hide them behind invisi-text. So look away now if you don’t want to know who killed Eddie Royle outside the Queen vic!! I’m kidding again, I haven’t watched that crap since 1997.

I’ll start off by pointing out this little article about the worldwide success of Lost, even though it has a few inaccuracies. Its cool that they mention the amount of people downloading Season 2 in the English speaking world, even thought they have no idea about the numbers involved. Channel 4 even pushed the date of season 2 forward to Spring because of downloading, its hitting everyone that relies on foriegn imports. I also have a new theory about Lost that is rock solid, after what I saw in the Black smoke this week. If you want to know the theory, erm.. never mind, i’m probably wrong.

Next up, there is some good news for Arrested Development fans. FOX have scheduled the last 4 episodes of season 3. They are so petty, they have put them on Friday Feb 10th, opposite the opening ceremony of the winter olympics. Hopefully they can cancel the show soon after, allowing Showtime or ABC to pick it up in time for a season 4 in September.

Next up I have a couple of requests for programs, if anyone can find them for me, they would be rewarded greatly (in heaven). First up an Australian comedy called Kath & Kim. I saw 5 minutes and thought “meh”, but thats often the way with comedy these days. I’ve heard its great, and I want to give it another go. But I can’t find it online, or even a region 2 DVD for sale, help? The next one is an Argentinian program called Epitafios. If you know how to get your hands on it, teelll meeeeee.

Back here in the UK, if I see another program that starts with the word celebrity, I will poke my eyes out with rusty spoons. People that slept with TV presenters and filmed it, not celebrities. sons of famous footballers, not celebrities. nightclub owners, people who *went out with* big brother contestants, Nobodies from nowhere these are not celebrities.

But don’t get me wrong ,that isn’t the problem with this sub-genre. Its that the concepts are all the same and generally so threadbare.. person dropped into fish-out-of-water situation, judged by experts, tits/bum out for the tabloids, tearful interview at the end, releases fitness video and autobiography detailing their struggle with fame. Its… bollox. I would definitely watch something like Celebrity firing squad though.

But there is still Life on Mars. For people that didn’t see it or aren’t in the UK, its really good. Just trust me and download it, I can’t be bothered to go into detail after I just linked to the website.

Also in the UK, look out for “The IT crowd”, a comedy starring Chris Morris starting Feb 5th, and “Suburban Shootout”, a cross between Kill Bill and desperate Housewives I’m told. Its a co-production between Paramount and five, and there is a good chance you may see my sublime editing skills for the first time on terrestrial Television. Thats right, I demand a pay rise!

To finish, I’ll leave you with this clip from a Japanese game show. They are all about the humiliation!