Zudeo name change to Vuze

6 04 2007

Just as I was banging on about how Zudeo aren’t giving me the goods thanks to their IP checking “tek-nol-ogie”, they go and change their name so it looks like I’m crazy and talking about products that don’t exist.

Vuze claim to have the largest library of Hi-def material available for download, but as we all know it’s relative. They do have a new BBC drama that I haven’t heard of, called Sorted. If anyone can tell me more about it then the description offered on the site I would be v. grateful.

Another thing, the stuff i can download in the UK, all the poorly shot free stuff, it does come quickly, I’ll give it that. As I would say if I was a film critic, two thumbs up!

Azureus, Joost and me

4 04 2007

JoostA couple of new things happened today in the brave new world of online TV. First of all, I noticed that Azureus’ deal with BBC worldwide had kicked in, on their new Beta channel. I saw an episode of The Mighty Boosh available to rent for 1 cent (nice price) and thought I would have me some of that random comedy. But no, Azureus had already clocked my location thatnks to my IP address, and I had a message saying “this content is not available to you” Why the hell not? I helped fund it through the licence fee!

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