BBC Three

14 02 2008

You all know how I feel about BBC Three, I don’t need to go into it again here. Last night I was so sick I sat and watched a full hour of the new revamped channel, because I was too dizzy to lean forward and pick up the remote. I was watching a show called Phoo Action starring Jaime Winstone and Carl Weathers (He was the reason I tuned in, I was looking for some money saving tips). Now I’m not going to slate the show, because I always admire it when writers try something different, and that is the raison d’etre for the BBC, to innovate without fear of reprisal from Proctor & Gamble or Ford.

But being different in itself isn’t a reason for praise. The show suffers from some weak acting, disguised as over the top performing, and a lack of focus. I love a convoluted plot as much as the next man, but by the end I wasn’t 100% sure what  was happening, and more importantly I didn’t care. Maybe that was the dizzies, I guess we will never know…

To find out how spectacularly badly the relaunch of BBC Three went last night, click here.

British TV is in great shape.

28 11 2007

Can Fat Teens Hunt?

This is the reason I think the licence fee should be turned into an optional subscription. BBC Three is a waste of Freeview bandwidth, I won’t say it again. Do the right thing beeb, pull the plug.