Top 10 TV show downloads of 2007

30 12 2007

Hello, tis me again, still slightly full of festive cheer. The end of year lists have started, and I found one today worthy of passing on to my readers. This is the list of TV shows that were downloaded the most illegally in the year that is coming to a close.

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What I’m Watching Now…

24 04 2007

Heroes – (S01E19) Heroes returns after a break for the final five episodes of the season. I couldn’t find the 1gb Matroska file, so I’ll have to make do with the 700mb divx copy. Boooo. I’m also supposed to watch it with some other people when they get home, but I’m gonna be selfish at watch it now, so I can go out later and have fun, and also goad them about how good it is. See, I told you I’m a nice guy! see what in store for our favourite heroes (and villains) after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Bittorrent reading material

11 04 2007

I thought I would read this article even though I don’t think it was particularly accurate. It’s called “is iTunes changing the way 20-somethings watch TV?” and is a half assed look at the reason young people are leaving TV in their droves, combined with data from the iTunes chart and testimony of some college students.

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Zudeo name change to Vuze

6 04 2007

Just as I was banging on about how Zudeo aren’t giving me the goods thanks to their IP checking “tek-nol-ogie”, they go and change their name so it looks like I’m crazy and talking about products that don’t exist.

Vuze claim to have the largest library of Hi-def material available for download, but as we all know it’s relative. They do have a new BBC drama that I haven’t heard of, called Sorted. If anyone can tell me more about it then the description offered on the site I would be v. grateful.

Another thing, the stuff i can download in the UK, all the poorly shot free stuff, it does come quickly, I’ll give it that. As I would say if I was a film critic, two thumbs up!

What I’m Watching Tonight…

2 04 2007

Sopranos – Well after my “Sopranos Love-in” post yesterday, it turns out the first episode of the final nine has been leaked onto “teh internets”. I won’t be posting the link up here, because that would be illegal. If you are interested you know where to get it, if you don’t where it is you are probably not too bothered.

American Dad – I can’t decide whether this is amusing or I watch out of habit. So many episodes pass me by without note its amazing, I really should give it the boot from my personal schedule.

The Tudors – Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars in this period drama. I don’t normally do period dramas, but Rome changed all that for a while. I’m hearing disappointing things, but I’m prepared to give it a go.

and if I have time…

NewsRadio – A comedy from the early 90’s starring the late Phil Hartman (He of Troy McClure, Lyle Langley and many other Simpsons classic voices), it was amde available on iTunes through their deal with Sony, and I thought I would give the pilot a go.

Bittorrent Entertainment Network

28 02 2007

On Monday, Bittorrent inc attempted to go legit. The company launched the “Bittorrent Entertainment Network” a service with a number of movies and TV shows available for download, at a cost. That’s right, imagine using Bittorrent and paying money for the privilege.

Now anyone that uses Bittorrent is probably a downloader of some sort of illegally copyright material, be it albums, TV shows or movies. I know there are lots of other things to download, but these seem to be the main three that take up all that bandwidth. In fact, I have read (and it is probably speculation) that Bittorrent is now the most used application on the Internet, surpassing both email and surfing of the Worldwide webski. Maybe not in terms of numbers, but I can certainly see it being the case in terms of bandwidth.

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I nearly went legit..

23 01 2007

This morning I almost packed it all in with Bittorrent and went straight. There were so many fake copies of Heroes on Mininova, and it was 8am and 24 hadn’t show up yet. The only thing that stopped me? Programs don’t show up on itunes for 24 hours after they are on air. Booooo! Can someone tell the production companies that this is a stupid idea. I know they do it to protect revenue that they earn from TV, but they just lost all my revenue this morning! When I get home, I’m going to download the hi-def version of all 3 for free. Because I can. Sort it out people.

mininova passes 1 billion downloads

10 01 2007

There is a story here about the fact that Mininova, my favoured site for downloading TV, has just passed 1 billion downloads. Thatsa spicy meataball!

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