4HD launches

10 12 2007

Channel 4 HD…and it is exactly what they promised. An upscaled simulcast of Channel 4, with High definition content whenever possible. Highlights over the next week include Hollyoaks (who knew that show would ever make it to the next generation of TV), Ugly Betty and a couple of films including Happy Gilmore. Never fear though, because the upscaled SD content apparently looks a lot better if reports of this morning’s Without a Trace viewing are confirmed. Look out for it Channel 140 on your Sky HD box. Now all we need is ITV (Spring 08) and five to launch and terrestrial HD will be complete!

4oD, iPlayer, ITV.com all working on Vista

1 10 2007

Today’s adventure involved trying to get different UK networks online offerings working with Vista. And I am happy to report that I managed to get ITV.com, 4oD and the BBC’s iplayer believing that I was using a machine running Windows XP, and successfully download and watch programming. It involved downloading a utility to make your IE7 browser (eeurgh) report itself to certain websites as IE6. If anybody wants to know more, leave a message in the comments and I will send you in the right direction.

Channel 4 HD

19 09 2007

Wow, the HD news just keeps on coming. After last weeks news that ITV will be launching an HD feed next spring, Channel 4 have trumped them with the news that they will launch an HD simulcast (love that word) in December on Sky HD. Nice. Now ‘five’ have to join the party, and they potentially have the most HD content of all the UK networks.

UK broadcasters unite to create video on demand solution

14 06 2007

It is almost as if they read my post yesterday and took immediate action. UK broadcasters have today decided to work together to create a joint offering that allows viewers to download copies of their favourite shows to their PC’s. With a working title of Project Kangaroo, it is not yet known how this application will work alongside the existing download services available from the UK networks.

although initially a broadband proposition, the application would one day be installed in freeview boxes, and work much in the same way as BT Vision does today, delivering content over the the old copper wire, and maybe one day fibre optics if BT get their act together. Stay tuned for more developments… or maybe this is a knee-jerk reaction to a loss of viewers to Bittorrent, Youtube and the internet in general, and nothing will come of it. Only time will tell.

“Big Bang Theory” goes to…

13 06 2007

…Channel 4. It seems harmless enough, I think it might be the comedy formerly known as “Genius Bar”. Not 100% though, I am sure and I imagine it will play across C4 on Friday nights and E4 at… any time of day. It has David from Roseanne in it, and Joey’s Nephews geek friend. What more could you want? Watch a (pretty funny) preview after the jump-aroo.

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Video of the Week – Couch Gags

19 05 2007

This Sunday Fox will air the 400th episode of The Simpsons. To commemorate that fact, my video of the week is 159 (or so) couch gags, which you can watch below. My favourite is the rest of Springfield coming into the room to sit in front of them.

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Peep Show S04E06

19 05 2007

“Am I actually going to piss on the church?”. I’m going to post my “favourite TV moments of the season” towards the end of the coming week, but that line may well be a winner in the “lines that made you sit up and think ‘can they say that?'” category (wow, a lot of inverted commas in that sentence).

I can’t decide if this, the last episode in the fourth series of Peep Show, was the best but it certainly had me laughing hard. Jez pissing himself because Mark told him to, Sophie crying out the altar, Superhands apologising for sexually assaulting Nancy, there were so many memorable moments.

If you missed it, you can catch it for the next week on 4 on Demand (or to your right in the sidebar), and watch a clip *that contains strong language* from the episode after the jump.

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