Futurama: Benders Big Score

26 11 2007

Futurama Bender's Big ScoreOk, I’m just coming down from a high because I watched the new Futurama movie. I can’t actually give it any sane type of rational review because I loved the show so much, I will just be too biased. But I can point out a few things.

As expected, the mediums of cable and DVD have allowed them to be a little more “coarse” with their humour, but they haven’t gone overboard with it. Although it was hilarious in my opinion, it did seem a little long. This will stand up better as the four standalone eps it will be split into in 2008 on Comedy Central.

This new beginning is no attempt to win new viewers, and thats good for fans of the show. The plot involves time travel, and takes us back to many favourite moments from the show, and a newb just wouldn’t understand. Fans of the show are well rewarded though, with a lot of meta-humour, although I did wonder why nibbler wasn’t under the table at Applied Cryogenics…

This movie is out on Region 1 DVD on Thursday, and as I said will air on Comedy Central next year. If you are reading this in the UK, you know what your options are. You have to torrent the hell out of this badboy! wait patiently for the Region 2 DVD, or hope that a UK network picks up the episodes.  Oh yes, those are your only options. Watch the intro for the movie after the break, to get you in that mood before you click on Utorrent head down to HMV or Virgin.

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Futurama preview…

7 10 2007

While I spent the weekend watching TV and decding what shows to kick to the metaphorical curb, I stumbled across this on one of my frequent trips to Digg. A sneak preview of the new Futurama movie, coming soon to DVD and then Comedy Central. Now I haven’t even watched it before deciding to post it up here (such is my dedication to my 3 readers), so don’t blame me if it’s not funny, clever or relevant to your life in any way. Watch it after the jump:-

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South Park S11E07 – Night of the Living Homeless

19 04 2007

I was just talking to someone yesterday about Randy Marsh and how funny he was, and lo and behold, we get an episode filled with his own brand of overreaction and crazy babble. The last time Randy lost the plot, in the ep “Something Wal-Mart this way comes”, we had classic scenes like when he rubbed his nipples against the glass in his dream like state while thinking about Wal-Mart, which I can’t find a clip of right now.

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South Park S11E05 – Fantastic Easter Special

5 04 2007

I am watching this right now, and it’s gone off at a weird “crab people” tangent. It started out quite well, but I’m not liking this ending. It started with Stan asking his parents why they all paint eggs at Easter, and what does it have to do with the death and resurrection of Jesus. It turns out that Easter is a conspiracy, and that the bunnies have been in charge all along. Stan is show a picture of Davinci’s Last Supper painting, and Peter has rabbit ears, and the meal was actually eggs. They then go onto claim that the pope wears that tall hat (obviously the proper name for it) because it was originally worn by someone with rabbit ears. All funny up to that point, then it sort of lost it’s way. Not unlike this post is about to. Hmmmm, first poor episode this season.

Buy it here. Maybe not immediately, but in due course.

South Park S11E04 – Snukes

29 03 2007

It’s about fricking time. Last night’s South Park parodied 24, and in particular this weak season 6 crap that I am currently thinking about ditching. You know what makes a good parody? When the copy brings to your attention some of the absurdities of the original that you hadn’t even thought were weird. Everything is taking place “within the hour”. The frequent product placement. The constant takeovers by other departments. It was fantastically well done. There was a serious message behind the episode, and it was about how racial profiling can stop you from spotting the real criminal when he is right under your nose. figuratively speaking of course, I’m not talking about midgets being the enemy. Anywho, the episode is on the right there, in two parts. Enjoy.

Strangers With Candy S01E01 – Old Habits/New Beginnings

21 03 2007

This is a show from 1999 I have been reading about and I decided to take the plunge and buy an episode from iTunes the other day. Described in today’s The London Paper as The best Sitcom Ever (TM), it stars Amy Sedaris as Jeri Blank, a 46-year old woman who has come out of prison, been through some hard times and decided to go back to high school. The program is a parody of the after school specials in the US that used to warn kids about the dangers of various things like drugs and… willies.

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South Park S11E02 – Cartman Sucks

15 03 2007

Not gonna right much about this, but wow. As the credits were rolling last week I wondered how they could top copious use of the “N” word. How about Butters weiner in Cartmans mouth??? Huh??? Watch it and all will become clear. Season 11 is shaping up to be a classic. You won’t be able to watch it on Youtube for highly publicised reasons, but it will be on Paramount comedy 1 later in the year.