Video of the Week – Conan O’Brien’s first episode of Late Night

10 06 2007

Some of you may know Conan O’Brien as the host of Late night, others may recognise the name as the writer of some of the funniest episodes of The Simpsons. Finnish readers probably know him best as the man who looks like their president, and won entertainer of the year in 2006. If you have no knowledge of the man, its probably best you click here.

Anywho, the video I wanted to show you was his first episode of Late night, back in September 1993. He took over from David Letterman who moved to CBS to host The Late Show, and to say he was stepping into some big shows is an understatement. Click here to watch the full ep and see how, behind the swagger and bravado, he looked extremely nervous. He stutters and wrings his hands, it really is awful to watch.

For a comparison, watch his intro and opening song at the 2006 Emmy award, to see how he commands the stage now with his lanky presence. Incidentally, the choreography and style of that Emmys ditty is very much like the Monorail number he wrote for the classic Simpsons episode 14 years ago. “The kids can call you ‘Ho-Ju'” is one of my favourite lines of dialogue ever.

Another scene from The Simpsons Movie

24 01 2007

More details are emerging about The Simpsons movie coming out this summer. The Daily News has an interview with Matt Groening, and he divulges a few tidbits about the upcoming motion picture. The most interesting is the ‘crack team of writers’ that he says they got into the room to discuss the movie. As I have written before, if that team doesn’t involve Conan O’ Brien and John Swartzwelder, if it isn’t run by Jennifer Crittenden and given her full approval, then it won’t be as funny as this. Read the rest of this entry »