I am Ready for de HD…

17 08 2007

After a few teething troubles, all is well in my living room. John Lewis wouldn’t match the 40″ D3000 Bravia, so I opted for the cheaper 32″ which they were happy to match with Empire Direct and their Trafford store, who were also doing it for £799. It arrived last night, along with my sky viewing card. My original viewing card was lost in the post, so it all seemed to come together at about 10.20pm last night. Channels were activated a few minutes later, and I was looking at Nathan Petrelli’s fine nose hairs about an hour after that. I’m in HD land people, and there is no room for facial blemishes… If you want an example of how *not* to buy a TV, or any electrical equipment, watch the fonejacker clip after the jump..

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“Big Bang Theory” goes to…

13 06 2007

…Channel 4. It seems harmless enough, I think it might be the comedy formerly known as “Genius Bar”. Not 100% though, I am sure and I imagine it will play across C4 on Friday nights and E4 at… any time of day. It has David from Roseanne in it, and Joey’s Nephews geek friend. What more could you want? Watch a (pretty funny) preview after the jump-aroo.

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Emily Parr videoclip

8 06 2007

I missed it last night, but here is a videoclip of the incident that has got nobody talking. Big Brother gained almost a million viewers from the previous night, according to Mediaguardian. OfCom predictably received over 100 complaints, from people that knew what they were getting themselves into when they tuned in, and were still offended when they heard it.

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Girl kicked out of Big Brother house for using the N-word

7 06 2007

Now there is a headline Channel 4 didn’t need. I haven’t been following events in the Big Brother house, so I don’t know the context. But I just received a call from a friend to tell me this was worth blogging about. Some of the females were dancing in the living room last night, and Emily Parr, a housemate of the caucasian persuasion, offered this comment to her negroid (I love that word, cracks me so consistently, up) housemate.

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Posting Frequency…

5 06 2007

You may have noticed (who wouldn’t) that the frequency of my posts has dropped dramatically over the last couple of weeks, well the reason is two-fold. First of all, I’ve been moving house and my access to computers has been limited the last week, both at work and at home. That is all set to change any day now when I splurge on a macbook.. maybe. I’ll wait to see what Steve Jobs has to say on Thursday.

The other reason is that the US TV season is over, and i am taking a bit of a break from constant TV watching. At the moment there are only 3 shows on my schedule.

The last Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (S01E18) I watched was absolutely fantastic, and I won’t let anyone tell me otherwise. It is a real shame it couldn’t find an audience. Or the audience found it, compared it unfavourably to West Wing and changed channel. The scene where Tom Jetter finds out his brother is being held hostage in Iraq was quite moving. If you are in the UK and have avoided the download, it starts on E4 June 30th.

This weeks episode of Entourage (S03E20) was less of a finale and more of a new beginning for the boys. I’ve been bitching for weeks about the lack of actual movie-making in season 3, but it seems as if everything is finally coming together. Although i’m pretty sure Sloane is about to kick Eric to the curb. In a strange move for HBO, they are starting Season 4 the Sunday after next, so not long to find out if I am right.

As we head towards the final episode of The Sopranos, it is starting to dawn on me how big a loss this show will be to HBO, and my personal viewing habits. The show has become the drama I compare not just TV shows, but gangster movies to and hold up as an example that cinematic quality can be brought to the living room. What will happen to Tony Soprano? If it is anything like the death of Bobby Baccala in this weeks episode (S06E20), it will be ruthless. Watch it after the jump. Viewer discretion is something something…

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Peep Show Series 4

12 04 2007

As a Brit, this is a comedy to be proud of in 2007. So original and funny, and made with a great deal of effort and a painstaking attention to detail. If you are reading this from anywhere other than the UK, you will probably recognise the two main characters from the UK versions of the “Get a mac” ads. Rather than me explain the premise of this show to you, I’ve decided to bend my copyright rules and show you the last episode of Season , just to give you an idea of what to expect when Peep Show returns this Friday on Channel 4. see, some shows can make it past 12 episodes and still be funny. You just need to make the effort! watch the video after the jump, and check out the three season recap on my vodpod.

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30 Rock renewed

5 04 2007

Huzzah! As the title says, my favourite comedy of this season has been renewed, despite shockingly low ratings. 30 Rock has averaged 5.8 million viewers this season, although it is up against two 20 mil+ titans in CSI and Greys Anatomy. It has now moved timeslot slightly, airing after The Office, another of those NBC shows that is well received by people in homes with income over $100,000 a year. (How do they get all these stats? I always write that I earn more than I actually do, just for the thrill of it). Today NBC president of Entertainment Kevin Reilly said:

NBC expects the show to continue to build its increasingly loyal audience and become another of NBC’s classic comedy series.

Yea good luck mate, against those two dramas. Maybe now with the promise of a full season and maybe more to come, this gem will be picked up in the UK. I think it would work after Scrubs on E4, after The Office on ITV2, or even in a post South Park slot on Paramount Comedy. But it would *not* work in any slot on any BBC channel. Sometimes you have to tell it like it is BBC, deal with it. Watch a classic 30 Rock clip after the jump, Jane singing “Muffin Top” with Ghostface Killah..

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