NBC pickup news

11 05 2007

Great news for Friday Night Lights fans, the drama that is about “so much more than football” has been renewed for a second season. I wonder if ITV will continue to air it, bearing in mind some of the disatrous ratings the show has received in its short time on ITV4. I will be watching it all this summer, safe in the knowledge that all my viewing isn’t in vain.

In other news that will interest every UK network, NBC have picked up Bionic Woman, starring none other than the charming Michelle Ryan, or “er off of Eastenders innit”, as the nation will be saying when they see her on TV early next year. I expect Bionic Woman to be highly sought after next week at the upfronts. And personally, I would like five to get it, because they really need a drama success that doesn’t follow the medicine, law or order format. But then Channel 4 would give it some sweet E4 spot as long as it’s not too violent. Hard to say until I’ve seen it really. (Cue me going over to search mininova)

BBC considers fifth Eastenders episode

20 02 2007

I read this today on Mediaguardian and I couldn’t believe my eyes. A fifth episode? Five? A week? Are people not getting enough of this programme already? What we really need is less soaps! We need that soap cash reinvested in intellectually stimulating drama and comedy, the likes of which advertiser funded television can’t take a chance on.

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Michelle Ryan is….The Bionic Woman!

13 02 2007

Wow, this is interesting news. Michelle Ryan, formerly of BBC’s ‘continuing drama’ Eastenders, has won the lead role in NBC’s Bionic Woman pilot. The buzz around this project suggests that unless it is an absolute disaster, it will be picked up. And by buzz, I mean that I keep reading stories about it on Yahoo! TV, not that I’m standing around in Hollywood talking up ex-Eastenders actresses. “Sick and tired of hearing about the Funke!” I wonder what accent she will speak with?

Ratings for the week Jan 1-7 in the US and UK.

12 01 2007

The Final episode of The Vicar of Dibley takes the honours in the first week of the new year, Dawn French’s sitcom going out on a high. Other than that it’s business as usual as the soaps go head to head. I added the 11th program just to show that this nation isn’t all Eastenders and Corrie, with the poor man’s CSI (Waking The Dead) making up the numbers. The next five places went to Emmerdale. Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas Ratings comparison, US v UK.

5 01 2007

Below are the top 10 rated television programmes for the week of 25-31 December in the UK and the US. Christmas is usually a strange time for ratings in the UK, as this is when faded stars dust themselves off for a Christmas special that invariably win the ratings war. Read the rest of this entry »