17 09 2007

All is good with the world. Why, you ask? Because 30 Rock was recognised at The Emmys with the best comedy award. Nothing else that happened at the ceremony matters. If you haven’t watched it, Channel 5 will be airing season 1 in January. Watch the opening act of the 2007 Emmys ceremony after the jump Kanye West presenting an award at last nights ceremony after the jump. Probably as good as the show got. :-

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The 58th annual Emmy awards

28 08 2006

Will Arnett didn’t win (bad) Jeremy Piven won (good).

Arrested Development didn’t win (bad), The Office won (good).

Sopranos didn’t win (bad), Rome wasn’t even nominated (very bad) but 24 won (good).

Bleak House didn’t win (bad), Elizabeth I won (good).

So all in all, an average night.