Extras Christmas special

28 12 2007

I just finished watching the final episode of Extras, the feature length Christmas special. I know it’s been on the internet for the last 11 days but I thought I would watch it at the same time as the rest of the UK. Alright, that’s actually a lie. I didn’t know it had been on HBO already until I went looking to find out when it was airing in Britain, and then proceeded to download an HD copy veerrry sloooowly yesterday. In fact by the time it arrived, I realised that I wouldn’t be watching it until this evening when my better half arrived home, in which case I might as well watch it on BBC HD in a slightly higher quality!

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What’s wrong with a third series?

20 03 2007

…or a fourth or fifth for that matter. I’m referring of course, to Ricky Gervais’ decision to finish Extras with a “One-off special” as opposed to writing what the London Metro newspaper described as “a disappointing third series” of the awkward comedy. Why would it have to be disappointing? What is this rule in British comedy that you can only have 2 x 6 episodes, and any more than that would be overkill or cashing in/selling out? Somebody please tell me, I’m dying to know???

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The Ruvvies 2006

1 01 2007

Thats right, the most important awards of the year are back! Pioneered on my old blog, they used to be about excellence in all fields, but really they are just a way of drawing your attention to some stuff I liked this year. On TV of course. Read the rest of this entry »

This week I am mostly watching…

12 10 2006

This week, I’ve been watching Galapagos on BBC two, and it is as good as, if not better than Planet Earth. That must be the dream job for a cameraman, shooting raw footage of unseen nature, in a beautiful habitat.

I actually downloaded a Hi-Def version of episode 2, and… wow. I’m always cussing Hi-definition TV as a waste of time at this early stage, but this has to be seen to be believed.

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Autumn (Fall) is upon us

17 09 2006

Well, the summer is over! Broadband pipes in the UK, Australia and the rest of the English speaking world are about to heat up because the new US TV season is almost upon us! I was watching Entourage and Weeds and it just kind of snuck up behind me!
To start with, I’m going to tell you a great way to download TV is the itunes music store. They have been serving up TV for almost a year now, but as I wrote in a post below, they have upped the resolution in anticipation of the new season, and it is now better quality than standard definition TV. Anyway, onto the actual programming.

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