Family Guy S06E18 – Meet the Quagmires

22 05 2007

The season finale of Family Guy was much the same as the whole season, or even the period since the show returned from cancellation. Lots of cut scenes, recurring themes, about 5 minutes of story and one laugh out loud moment.

This weeks story had Peter contact Death in an attempt to send him back to the 80’s to a time before he knew Lois, so he could fool around like he never got the chance to in his youth. So he goes back to 1987 (I presume) and blows off a date with Lois to go partying with a slap-happy Cleveland, and ends up kissing Molly Ringwald.

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Video of the Week – Chicken Fight III

13 05 2007

It was a tough decision this week picking out my favourite video, mainly because there wasn’t much to choose from. Maybe Hiro trying to kill Sylar, but I couldn’t find that clip. So I’m going to go with Peter Griffin fighting a chicken for the third time. Not especially funny anymore, but it will do for now. Watch it after the jumpski, as they say in eastern Europe.

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Stewie Griffin to get his own talk show on Myspace

23 02 2007

It looks like all his hard work has paid off, as Fox have announced that Stewie Griffin will be hosting his own talk show, and it will make his premiere next week, up against The Oscars. Up Late with Stewie and Brian will not be making it’s debut on the network though, Fox will be using their online property Myspace to debut this 10 min flash animated event, in an attempt to steal away young peoples eyeballs from the worlds most important red carpet. Guests on the opening show will be Rob Corddry, who will be promoting his upcoming (but already out there) Fox comedy, The Winner. So gather around your monitors at 8pm on Sunday evening to watch Myspace crash.

EDIT – I watched it, Stewie was as funny as he usually is, but something was definitely lacking. As a 15 minute ad for The Winner, it was ok I guess. You can watch it here. Or in the Vodpod on the right, your choice.

What I’m Watching Tonight…

19 02 2007

What I do on a Monday is download all of Fox’s animation shows in the morning, and watch them while I am eating, ready to pick apart the weakest jokes and shout from my window about how things aren’t as funny as they used to be.  Sounds like fun, no? Yea, hilarious.

But tonight, if I was you, and I was in the UK, and I had some form of Pay-TV, and I didn’t have a prior engagement, and I hadn’t been downloading it for the past 6 months…. I would watch Heroes. It really is a slow starter, but it has grown into my favourite program of this television season. It’s my boyhood X-men comic book come to life. Love it.

Family Guy S05E09

31 01 2007

I was just watching this, wondering when was the last time it made me laugh out loud, and then this joke came along and cracked me up. Peter has his driving licence revoked, and so he has to stay home and entertain himself. After a failed attempt at integrating himself into the cast of Cheers, he decides to make up his own sitcom in his mind, complete with an upbeat 80’s theme tune. Watch the video after the jump.

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I need a “Hiro”.

30 11 2006

This week I watched some good TV. Same as last week. and the week before that. The highlights were Heroes, where Hiro Nakamura uttered the best line yet (Greato Scotto!) at just the right time. The Prison Break Fall finale was edge of the seat stuff, but the ending wasn’t as cliffhangy as previous episodes. (One thing about writing a blog is that you get to make up all the words you want). I just watched Veronica Mars, and one case was solved while another started. Much earlier than usual this season. Watch these three programs and you’re covered for laughs and drama, no need to watch anything else. Oh and 30 Rock. I need to laugh with someone else at the way Tracy Morgan says “Liz Lemon.”

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Too much too young?

15 11 2006

I was planning to write something about the TV I’ve been watching the last week, but its that “November Sweeps” time of year, when there are new episodes of everything, and its all getting a bit much. Shows are blending into each other and I’m not laughing any more, or feeling anything much.

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