30 Rock S02E04 – Rosemary’s Baby

29 10 2007

This was one of the funniest episodes yet. I watched it alone at about 2am, and I was constantly trying to muffle the sounds of my own laughter not to wake people up.

Carrie Fisher made a guest appearance as a washed up comedy writer, and managed to squeeze out her most famous Princess Leia line, as well as uttering a string of obscenities reminiscent of Gob’s famous sexual harrasment speech.

By far the best scene though, and Alec baldwin’s best moment so far as Jack Donaghy was his scene with Tracy Jordan and the psychiatrist.

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Sky strike again

7 06 2007

In a strange move for Sky, they yesterday purchased all rights to the third season of Prison Break, as well as repeat showings of the first two seasons. I say strange because it doesn’t strike me as the sort of show a Sky One viewer is into, and although it is often talked about, not a lot of people actually watch it.

I can only draw the conclusion that buying Neighbours took a huge chunk out of five’s 2007-2008 programming budget, and the books needed to be balanced.

It is getting tiresome that terrestrial channels take a chance on an unknown show, do all the hard graft building up a fanbase only to see Sky step in and take over, halve the audience and watch the buzz disappear. It is a business however, and there is the benefit of Sky being able to ‘bring the drama’ in HD. Which means we will be able to see how Michael gets out of this particular predicament in gloriously sharp technicolour.

Five take Neighbours from the BBC

18 05 2007

Breaking(ish) news, five have paid Fremantle Media £300 million for the rights to show Neighbours for the next 10 years. For those of you that think its a staggering sum, just consider that the show is still the most popular in daytime, after BBC’s lunchtime news bulletin. Expect that popularity to end, I’ve lost track of the amount of people that can’t locate five on a remote, or wouldn’t watch the channel even if someone held a gun to their head. Sad, really.

Prison Break S02E22 – Sona

7 04 2007

I received an IM from a reader yesterday asking me where my review of the “lame Prison Break finale” (his words) was. I told him that it had been sitting in my drafts for about 4 days, I just couldn’t be bothered to finish it. I didn’t want to slap it together, like Paul T. Scheuring did with the script for this finale. I can’t remember them all now, but this episode had so many random elements thrown in, like men in a lab talking about Michael Schofield’s predisposition to escape, and the three main characters running from a murder that could quite easily have been explained as self-defence. They really seemed like they were pushed for time. After hyping it up all season I’ve decided that these guys don’t know how to tie things up properly while opening up a new chapter. What a disappointment. Anyway, there were a couple of things that were good. Michael taking the rap for a crime he didn’t commit was pretty good stuff. And the look of the prison he will be attempting to break out of next season seemed very different to Fox River. Unless he helped build it of course.

Prison Break renewed

22 03 2007

As I have eulogised already this season, Prison Break has seen the biggest improvement of any returning series. Coming towards the end of season 2 now, and I can’t believe how many different story lines they have not only managed to keep interesting, but bring together for the big finale. I really underestimated them, and yesterday FOX rewarded them by announcing that the modest hit would be returning for a third season.

Paul T. Scheuring (I’m spelling that from opening credits memory) promised big changes as well, with an extended stay in Panama for some, and death within the opening episodes for others, if I haven’t misconstrued his words. Although in an earlier article, he did say that 80% of the storyline of the last two years would be tied up in the next two episodes, so I would like to know the hook for next year. Maybe Lincoln was guilty all along, that would be funny.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – S07E15

14 02 2007

I watch CSI out of habit these days, I’m just waiting for the break up of the team including the cause, so I can get involved in the subsequent inevitable bashing of the new guys. Recently I thought the cull had started, when William Petersen announced he was going on sabbatical. they brought in Liev Schrieber, and I wasn’t impressed with his first two episodes. The writers really played up the fact that he was dark and mysterious, with skeletons in his closet. And I convinced myslef I didn’t actually care.

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itunes video content for Europe at last

31 01 2007

Yesterday the Government of Luxembourg confirmed that Apple inc were setting up their European base there to start video distribution over itunes. Luxembourg is already home to a few other European headquarters of major corporations like Amazon and AOL (hey, wait a minute, they all start with A as well). Apparently it’s because Luxemborg have the lowest rates of VAT in Europe. So anyway, the economy minister Jeannot Krecke blabbed and I’m sure Apple are resisting the urge to sue the pants off the whole country.

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What I’m watching Tonight…

30 01 2007

I’ll be watching Prison Break, Heroes and 24. Back to back to back. In that order. But if that combo doesn’t tickle you, and you are in the UK, I would advise you to turn it to five at 9pm and watch the season 7 premiere of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In an attempt to stave off the threat of Greys Anatomy in the same timeslot in the US, the writers break with tradition and introduce an ongoing mystery which is quite intriguing. But that isn’t why you need to watch tonight.

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What I’m watching tonight

15 01 2007

Prison Break, five, 10pm.

I’m going out tonight, but if I was staying in, and had a TV right now, I would be watching this. I can rarely remember a show that improved so much in it’s second season. There is nothing you need to remember from the first season, it will all be re-capped for you at the start. Suspend your disbelief, leave your common sense at the door and tune in.


7 01 2007

A while back I wrote a post about TV’s number one detective, Horatio Caine. The Showbiz Show put together a little montage of Horatio one-liners. Well some nice person on Youtube has put together what seems like every one-liner David Caruso has ever spoken, followed by the start of the CSI Miami theme tune. It’s funny, but that scream from Roger Daltrey will start to annoy you within 2 minutes..

I challenge you to make it through this 7 minute video. If you do there is a nice twist at the end, from an episode I haven’t seen. But then I only ever watch the first 3 minutes of CSI Miami, for this very reason. And don’t just skip to the end!

Farewell Gil…

28 12 2006

Gil Grissom

According to TV Squad, William Petersen will be taking a short sabbatical from CSI after next week’s episode on CBS. The word on the street is that he may not come back. Without the mordern day Columbo that is Gil Grissom, is this the beginning of the end of CSI’s domination of TV schedules all over the world??

five download service

19 10 2006

five started their download service last week, with a tried and trusted program. They are now selling the worlds biggest TV franchise, Crime Scene Investigation, after striking a deal with Alliance Atlantis, the shows distributor.

Episodes that have been on air are priced at £1.49, and there is also an option to buy an episode a week before it is due to air on five, for £2.49. I haven’t taken the plunge to check out the quality, but it would have to be pretty good to beat the stuff on itunes. Oh yes, and there is a catch. Each episode can only be viewed for 14 days, before it expires and can’t be played anymore. That will just never catch on. Its not buying at all, its renting.

I would love to see how many people take up five on this most generous offer. An illegal High definition download is only a click away a few hours after transmission in the US, a 640×480 version is available for roughly 93p about a day after transmission from Apple… I think five must try harder.


4 09 2006

This is as close as I have come to working on terrestrial TV. and I am happy to claim it as something I (kind of) worked on.

I corrected the end credits of this sitcom on five. Its set in a brothel, and has laughs a plenty. The second episode is on tonight. If you aren’t in the UK, I’m pretty sure it will be on Mininova later tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on your time zone. Its pretty funny.

Clcik here for a preview of tonights episode, and click here for the outrage from women’s charities. Booooooo! Go raise some money, you suffragettes, its a comedy!

EDIT- It turns out Respectable is on a Wednesday night. and I’m slow.