Virgin Media launch more confusion

2 04 2007

Today the UK’s number one cable operator launched a TV solution for non-cabled areas. In effect, a branded freeview box. It will be free to Virgin Media subscribers that take up the 8mb broadband and £20 phone line, or £40 for those who just take the broadband. More to come later as to whether this box has a HDD built-in.

 EDIT:- It doesn’t have a hard drive. I reckon they missed a trick there, a chance for them to offer some of their PPV content over the 8mb broadband connection that is required to have this box. As a character on one of the many shows that Virgin Media no longer have the rights to would say… D’oh.

Sky launch… something lame.

8 02 2007

In an attempt to steal Virgin’s thunder today, Sky revealed today that they would be starting a new Pay-TV service through a regular TV aerial this summer. They also raised the prices Virgin have to pay them for access to their channels today, soooo childish!

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