21 05 2007

Yesterday, one of my favourite footballers scored his 1,000th career goal, although how many of those came in amateur and youth games is debatable.

Because Romario had been sitting on the milestone for a few weeks now, everyone was well prepared. TV crews invaded the pitch to interview Romario, and the match was not restarted for *16 minutes*. Watch the whole event after the jump, and if you still aren’t satisfied you can watch Pele, the only other footballer to reach this milestone, scoring his 1000th back in the times of black and white.

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Video of the Week – Messi v Maradona

21 04 2007

If you are a fan of football you have probably seen it already by now, but I am here to give you a new slightly new perspective on this amazing goal/but/gol/golazo.

I always said that Maradona’s goal would never be scored again, because of the way the rules of football have changed. Not many players are looking to create highlights and memories any more, it’s more important to pretend the keeper brought you down, get him sent off and score from the spot. Double whammy. Players are too inclined to pass than take players on nowadays, especially because the best players in the world often play together in the same teams, so there is no need to beat a whole team as Maradona did to score his goal against England.

Step Forward Leo Messi. Beautiful control, fantastic turn of pace, and presence of mind to go round the keeper, an art that is dying out. Ignores the cries of Eto’o to pass it. Goal. Watch it here. But the video I have for you is a side-by-side comparison with Maradona’s goal, and it is scary how similar it is. Sure the stage was bigger, but the intent is exactly the same. This boy is destined for great things.

And before anyone says “Oh, but it was only Getafe!” I can tell you now that 90% of professional footballers would struggle to beat 5 stationary *cones* in the way Leo Messi did on Wednesday. Watch the clip after the jump.

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