What I’m watching tonight…

16 04 2007

Entourage (S03E14) – After last week’s return with Victoria’s Secret models, I wonder if the boys are going to get back to the business of shooting movies?

Sopranos (S06E14) – Every episode from his point onwards will be edge of the seat stuff. Who will survive? Hopefully Meadow.

Harry Hill’s TV Burp – I keep missing it even though it’s on about 4 times a week. I will look for it one of those loser ITV channels tonight, hopefully they will come through for me. Don’t they have any sort of Video-on Demand type doo-dah? baaah, who would watch it even if they did!

Harry Hill’s TV Burp

29 01 2007

Fresh from winning a couple of British comedy awards, Harry Hill returned to TV screens last week. I watched it yesterday, and it was hilarious. One thing about this show is that the moment the end credits roll, I can’t remember what I was laughing at just minutes before. Strange one that. The end result is that I have nothing to say about the episode, other than if you don’t watch it you are missing out. Unless of course you don’t like Harry Hill, in which case you are missing nothing. I think this program should be on all year round.