The Wire S04E13 – Final Grades

19 05 2008

BodieSo I wasn’t too impressed with the death one of my favourite characters on TV this week. But I decided to finish off Season 4 of The Wire, after Geoff finally gave me the last disc. I can’t really even write about it, because I know a couple of my readers haven’t finished this season yet, but I will say it almost made me tearful. That’s right, *almost!* One of the finest hours (and 18 minutes) of television I have had the privilege to watch, the bar has been raised again. Watch one of my new favourite death scenes after the jump. P.S. Come on FX, get it on in HD in the UK!

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The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

4 05 2008

I finally got around to watching this the other night, I had it on the old Sky plus taking up a world of space (BBC HD) from when I was in Lisbon. My feelings can be summed up in bullet points thusly…

  • I really liked the cinematography, it’s a shame it takes a Hollywood production to make Botswana look beautiful.
  • I couldn’t stand Jill Scott’s accent. It may just be that I am so used to hearing her sing.
  • David Oyelowo was hilarious, I didn’t know he had this comedy performance in him. So many quotable lines from “Kremlin”.
  • It was also good to have Idris Elba back on my screen. I’m watching Season 4 of The Wire, and although it *is* great, I do miss Stringer Bell.
  • I can’t wait for the series to start…

The Wire

29 02 2008

I just finished watch Season 3 last night. I wrote a humongous post about it, and WordPress deleted it when I clicked “publish”. I’m still angry. Watch the clip below, it’s better than my original post anyway…

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Curb Your Enthusiasm S06E10 – The Bat Mitzvah

8 01 2008

Due to a (constant never ending) backlog of TV, I just got around to watching the last few episodes of the sixth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and I was pleasantly surprised by the finale.

These days when I have a spare moment, I get to make a choice between spending quality time with the mrs, quality time with the PSWii, watching something on my overloaded Sky+ planner, reading one of the books I got for Chrimbo (“Chrissy” to you Aussies) or watching some of the content that is constantly downloading to my auto-starting bandwidth guzzling RSS utilising bittorrent client.

So when the first few episodes of this seasons Curb didn’t have me laughing out loud instantaneously, I was maybe a little hasty when I decided I would watch the rest at some undetermined future juncture. It just all seemed a bit contrived to me this season, with the Black family (no no, that’s their surname) coming into the show as comedy stereotypes, although I even misjudged them because I actually laughed hardest at Leon in the later eps.

Disclaimer: If you are in the UK and don’t want to know intimate details of Season 6, stop reading nnnnnow.

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Extras Christmas special

28 12 2007

I just finished watching the final episode of Extras, the feature length Christmas special. I know it’s been on the internet for the last 11 days but I thought I would watch it at the same time as the rest of the UK. Alright, that’s actually a lie. I didn’t know it had been on HBO already until I went looking to find out when it was airing in Britain, and then proceeded to download an HD copy veerrry sloooowly yesterday. In fact by the time it arrived, I realised that I wouldn’t be watching it until this evening when my better half arrived home, in which case I might as well watch it on BBC HD in a slightly higher quality!

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Curb Your Enthusiasm S06E01 – Meet the Blacks

11 09 2007

With the departure of so many of my favourite comedies, I may have put too much pressure on this show to knock me off my feet with laughter. So I’m going to cite that as my reason for being a little disappointed with the premiere of Season 6. Although I must say the way things are set up, the presence of “the Blacks” will bring a lot of racial humour to the program, which is always funny if done right.

But there was definitely something off about this episode, maybe the feeling that I knew what was coming all along, which I don’t usually get from Curb. Let’s hope Larry sharpens up as the season progresses.

Some things I know and some things I don’t.

9 08 2007

If you are watching it, you know what I’m talking about. If John From Cincinnati isn’t the most abstract show ever, it is certainly the most off the wall that I have ever stuck with. But I must say at the same time, I have the sense that I’m watching greatness, not just pretentious guff. Don’t be put off by what I’m about to write, but without looking into it too much, or reading up on it, I do believe it is about the second coming, and what it would be like if the messiah landed in a surfer town, and affected everybody he touched differently. I’m really sorry if this is well established, but I’m just taking it all in.

After watching nine episodes and deciding it was time to get my other half’s opinion, I sat through the pilot again last night and saw so much that I hadn’t noticed the first time around. Definitely better on a repeat showing.  I’m really looking forward to  the season one finale, and I don’t actually care if I get answers or not!