NBC Universal on UK iTunes store

7 05 2008

Well this hasn’t been reported much, amid the launch on Zune Marketplace of NBC Universal content. Although NBC Universal are in (a much publicised) dispute with Apple over TV content on the US iTunes store, they slyly added Heroes and House to the UK store, under the moniker “Universal”. Can a return to the US store be too far behind?

Top 10 TV show downloads of 2007

30 12 2007

Hello, tis me again, still slightly full of festive cheer. The end of year lists have started, and I found one today worthy of passing on to my readers. This is the list of TV shows that were downloaded the most illegally in the year that is coming to a close.

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Heroes S02E11 – Powerless

5 12 2007

It’s 1am and I just finished watching the end of Volume 2 of Heroes. Now that is how you end a season, all is forgiven for the lacklustre season 1 finale that the UK was subjected to tonight!

The great thing about Heroes is that anyone can go at any time, although this is tempered by the fact that Claire’s blood can bring anyone back from the dead.

Can I just ask someone to confirm that NBC showed the alternative ending tonight, and that Volume 3 will continue next September?

watch the Sylar-heavy teaser for Volume 3 after the jumparoo..

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Heroes S02E05 – Fight or Flight

23 10 2007

A bit of a slow episode, but I am just so happy that Kristen bell has found paid employment again! I am willing to give them time, but I hope that all the story threads come together in a coherent and credible way. Until that time, I will reserve judgment. Also, I love the nightmare mans power. That was insane. Watch the promo for next week after the jump:-

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25 09 2007

I’m going home to watch the first episode of season 2 in HD. I can’t wait. But I’ll have to, because my other half won’t let me watch it until she gets home.  That’s right, I’m whipped. goodnight.


8 09 2007

It’s been a long, summerless summer (at least here in the UK), and my hopes for an Indian summer throughout September are fading fast. But the good news is, the US TV season is about to start in earnest!!

Now that I have my TV and Sky HD in place, I am ready to roll. I have the laptop ready to hook up to the LCD for the big shows like Heroes and Pushing Daisies, I’ll check out an episode or two of almost everything else, and no snap judgments this year.

to get you in the downloading mood if you are outside the US, Torrentfreak have written an article on 20 Bittorrent tips and tricks. There are things on it I didn’t know and hey… I’m a genius!

Another one to get you in the mood, Time magazine with their 100 greatest TV shows ever  list.  Arrested Development is on there, so I’m on board. What shows are you all looking forward to this season? Let me know… please?

NBC pull out of the itunes store

31 08 2007

Now that is a shame. I know I said this last year, but with the advent of high-def downloads almost upon us, this was going to be the season that I bought an Apple TV, paid Steve Jobs for a season pass and watched season 2 of Heroes and season 4 of The Office legitimately.

NBC accounted for 40% of the TV sales on the itunes store. Now, without knowing the details, they have turned thousands back to bittorrent, and lost a tiny portion of revenue themselves. According to reports, they wanted higher prices for new shows and lower prices for old ones, as well as a tighter DRM restrictions. Wow, thats a lot of demanding from a failing network. Oh well. Hopefully NBC Universal’s joint venture with Fox, Hulu, will get them where they want to be in the online video world. Or not.

On a related note, NBC’s hottest property of the moment, Heroes, has sent the cast and crew on a world tour. For video of Last nights London press conference at the Gherkin, click here.

 UPDATE:- Apple have released statement, saying they will withdraw NBC shows from the itunes store before the new season starts next month. They note that NBC were trying to get them to raise the wholesale price for each show, meaning Apple would have had to charge $4.99 per episode next season. Are NBC crazy??? Are they now going to take down every bittorrent tracker on the internet? Because that is the only way they will regain any revenue from this debacle. Why can’t Apple and companies called Universal get along?