NBC Universal on UK iTunes store

7 05 2008

Well this hasn’t been reported much, amid the launch on Zune Marketplace of NBC Universal content. Although NBC Universal are in (a much publicised) dispute with Apple over TV content on the US iTunes store, they slyly added Heroes and House to the UK store, under the moniker “Universal”. Can a return to the US store be too far behind?

So how did I do?

5 02 2007

I’ll tell you how I did! I managed to watch all the TV that I said I would, and maybe more. Whats more (and this is the most important part), I enjoyed some of it, instead of turning into a zombie. Sometimes when I commit a day to catching up on my favourite programs, I end up cruising through them without paying attention, especially if its a sunday and I have laundry and other interesting and exciting things to do.

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What I’m watching tonight…

1 02 2007

Just a quick one, I’m still at work with loads to do.

Medium – I’m hoping it’s not another episode about her daughter, they bore me. But Alison’s husband has put in some fine acting this season, especially that monologue to camera in the episode where Alison woke up with no legs.

The Knights of Prosperity – It’s getting quite interesting. Ok it’s not, I just like the look of Sofia Vergara. Shallow, so shallow.

House – Now that the “angry cop” arc has finished, I wonder what they have planned to keep me watching for the 2nd half of Season 2 3.


29 06 2006

If anyone in the UK is at a loss about what to do tonight and going out isn’t an option, watch the 2nd Season finale of “House” on five.

Written by series creator David Shore, its a creative tour-de-force that I guarantee will twist your mind inside out. If you’ve never watched it before all you need to know is that House is a drug addict, taking painkillers to numb his gammy leg.