Andy Barker P.I., we hardly knew ye

10 04 2007

As expected, NBC gave Andy Barker P.I. the heave-ho this weekend after 6 episodes, only two of which were worth watching twice. If the show had a flaw it was maybe that it should have been an hour long drama with comic overtones, just so the mysteries could be drawn out a bit longer, a few more twists and turns. The last two episodes will play out on NBC in the graveyard slot of Saturday 8-9pm. An opportunity methinks for a UK net to step in and purchase six episodes on the cheap from NBC Universal.

Sunrise, sunset. As one Arrested Development stars comedy vehicle fades into obscurity, another peeks over the horizon. David Cross has been signed up for the pilot of I’m in hell, a CBS sitcom that sounds like it’s going to be funny (oxymoron, I know). Jason Biggs (he who put his penis in the American Pie) is a Wall Street exec who dies and goes to hell, who dies in a BlackBerry-related car crash, but because hell is at full capacity, he is reassigned to Hell on Earth and must figure out a way to get by without his career and all the trappings of his former existence. Sounds like a long-winded premise but I will give it a go.