The Simpsons S19E01 – He Loves to Fly and He D’oh’s

24 09 2007

I don’t know if it’s my lowered expectations, or the fact that I’m still relieved the movie wasn’t terrible, but I just watched the 19th season premiere of The Simpsons and in my opinion it was hilarious. As always, the plot was recycled and amalgamated from ten’s of episodes of the past, but there were enough one-liners, sight gags and reveals to recall the writing of old. There was a also a funny cameo from Lionel Richie that I think will be showing up on the front page of Youtube and Digg over the next view days. A good start to the season, don’t let the quality dip now, you’ve raised my hopes! Watch the post-movie intro after the jump..

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The Simpsons S18E16 – Homerazzi

28 03 2007

I once knew of a person that didn’t realise that there was a different intro onto the couch in most episodes of The Simpsons. That person’s gene pool is dangerously close to extinction. bit harsh, but it segues neatly into my reason for posting about this once great comedy. Sunday’s episode featured a fantastic “couch gag” as they have come to be known over the years. It was evolution, following an organism from Amoeba to present day Homer, and I am guessing it was the longest ever intro by some way. Great intro, the rest of the episode in the words of Borat… “not so much”. Watch it after the jump, or in the vodpod if you just want to click once.

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