45% of Europeans watch TV online?

3 05 2007

Techcrunch have posted the results of a survey conducted by Motorola in France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom that says that 45% of Europeans now watch TV online. Although I knew it was happening, I had no idea it was to this extent. Because I work in the industry, I am surrounded by people who watch TV on their PC/Macs, and in the last year or two I have noticed more and more of my friends and colleagues bingeing on TV, especially serialised drama, at the weekends in bed on their laptops.

One thing this survey doesn’t make clear however, as Techcrunch rightly points out, is *how* these Eurocrats are consuming this TV. Do they mean Bittorrent downloads of TV shows, or legal streaming? Or maybe even 2 minute news bulletins? And what were Motorola trying to prove with this survey anyway? That european consumers want to watch TV on their mobiles, on the move? Because I am not sure they do.

Google warn about Internet TV, then launch more TV… for the internet

15 02 2007

The other day at the Cable Europe congress, Google warned that if TV and movie downloads continue to grow at the current rate, the internet could come to a standstill.

“The Web infrastructure, and even Google’s (infrastructure) doesn’t scale. It’s not going to offer the quality of service that consumers expect,” Vincent Dureau, Google’s head of TV technology, said.

Yeah, says the company who spent $1.65 billion on the biggest clogger of useless online video. A few days later, a Google spokesman went on to retract that staement, saying Mr Dureau had been misquoted. Then a few days after *that*, Google announced that they would be legally airing classic TV shows. Wow, what a fun, whirlwind time for them.

Oh, and in totally unrelated news, Google filed a form of some sort that let everyone know just how much Chad Hurley and Steve Chen made from their web 2.0 lottery winnings sale of Youtube. It makes me wanna throw up. I am not bitter in the slightest. In other unrealted news, I bought a dozen eggs and a one-way ticket to wherever Google’s headquarters are. What?? I like eggs.

TV from my games console?

22 01 2007

One of the newest ways for people to watch downloaded content on their TV’s is through their shiny new games console. Both Microsoft and Sony have gone to great lengths to get their hardware in your living room, and neither one of them is satisfied with you just using it to play games…

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Xbox IPTV update

8 01 2007

Following on from this post, Bill Gates did announce a TV service for Xbox 360 last night/this morning, depending on where you are.

Click here for a video demo of the service. I must say the service looks fantastic, but I’m not sure it’s something that will launch in the UK anytime soon.

IPTV for the Xbox 360?

7 01 2007

I was looking at my blog stats for the last couple of days, and I noticed a fair number of people end up here after searching for “Xbox streaming” or TV streaming xbox”, or any combination of the above.

First of all, I thought that these people were just latecomers to the parade that was the unveiling of the Xbox live TV/Movie download service, that started a couple of months ago.

But I was looking at Digg tonight and I noticed that apparently some blogger leaked details of Bill Gates Keynote speech at the start of CES tomorrow, and that one of the things he may announce is the start of an IPTV service, with the Xbox 360 as the platform.

What is IPTV, you might ask? Well Wikipedia explains it better than I can, but it’s basically a digital TV that streams over the “interweb”, as opposed to using an aerial or a dish, to get a signal into your “telly box”. Sounds great, as long as the people who make programs are on board.

Now William’s speech is in Vegas on Sunday night, which is bedtime for me in London, so I’ll check it out on Monday morning, and blog my findings right here.