The C Word

18 02 2008

Does anyone remember when Caprice Bourret used the C-word (no, not courage) on morning TV in the UK? It was on This Morning with Richard and Judy, and she was on to promote her stint acting in the fembot spectacle “The Vagina Monologues”. I can’t find the clip (it was before the days where you couldn’t fart without someone uploading it on the interweb) but her accent was so thick that neither Richard nor Judy noticed, ITV got in a bit of trouble and the show got some free publicity.

Well a funny thing happened the other day in New York. Jane Fonda, now starring in the same play on (or maybe off, who cares right?) Broadway, uttered the same word “by accident” during an interview with Meredith Viera on The Today Show. Only it wasn’t an accident, it was very deliberate froma woman who has been in the business long enough to know when you can and can’t use the c-word.

So Vagina Monologues people, this is just a little post to let you know I’m onto your little ruse of fouling the daytime airwaves for free publicity, and you can take it elsewhere, you cunts! (A Bit strong? Maybe)

Anyway, watch Jane Fonda’s innocent slip after the jump…

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Moving Wallpaper/Echo Beach

13 01 2008

Last week I stood up in the office and announced my plans for the evening, and was laughed at by most of my colleagues. My plan was to go home and watch an hour of ITV1. Thats right, a solid hour of the nations favourite network. One of my co-workers told me how he had tried to watch a comedy the previous Friday starring Mark Addy, and was frustrated because he would no longer have that particular hour available to him again throughout his entire lifespan.

But I ploughed on regardless, getting home on Thursday….and promptly falling asleep. Luckily I had Sky+’ed both of the shows I was meaning to watch and just got round to watching them this afternoon. I can go into work tomorrow and tell everyone that the joke is on them, because the combo of Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach makes for marvelous tellybox watching.

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4oD, iPlayer, all working on Vista

1 10 2007

Today’s adventure involved trying to get different UK networks online offerings working with Vista. And I am happy to report that I managed to get, 4oD and the BBC’s iplayer believing that I was using a machine running Windows XP, and successfully download and watch programming. It involved downloading a utility to make your IE7 browser (eeurgh) report itself to certain websites as IE6. If anybody wants to know more, leave a message in the comments and I will send you in the right direction.

Swingtown goes to..

14 06 2007

Last week when it was announced that ITV had bought Pushing daisies, there were a couple of other purchases that slipped under the my radar. One was a CBS drama that ITV say will play out in primetime on ITV1, and at other times on ITV3.

Swingtown (cue press release voice):-

peeks into the shag-carpeted suburban homes of the 1970s to find couples reveling in the sexual and social revolution that introduced open marriages, women’s liberation and challenged many conventional wisdoms.

It stars Jack Davenport, and I liked him in Coupling and the other things that he did. I didn’t watch This Life (past my bedtime) but I heard he was alright in that too. Watch a preview of Swingtown below..

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UK broadcasters unite to create video on demand solution

14 06 2007

It is almost as if they read my post yesterday and took immediate action. UK broadcasters have today decided to work together to create a joint offering that allows viewers to download copies of their favourite shows to their PC’s. With a working title of Project Kangaroo, it is not yet known how this application will work alongside the existing download services available from the UK networks.

although initially a broadband proposition, the application would one day be installed in freeview boxes, and work much in the same way as BT Vision does today, delivering content over the the old copper wire, and maybe one day fibre optics if BT get their act together. Stay tuned for more developments… or maybe this is a knee-jerk reaction to a loss of viewers to Bittorrent, Youtube and the internet in general, and nothing will come of it. Only time will tell.

Pushing Daisies goes to….

7 06 2007

…ITV. The drama I am most looking forward to has been purchased by the channel I like the least. On the upside, it has been said that ITV will be showing US dramas in primetime. My personal opinion is that after two airings, and with regular ITV viewers scratching their heads wondering at what point the number is going to appear for them to vote for something, the powers that be will schedule into oblivion, with an 11pm graveyard slot, or even shunted to ITV2. My crystal ball sees all. Watch the longest promo I could find for the show after the jump.

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ITV to launch on-demand programming

2 05 2007

I wrote this paragraph disparaging ITV’s attempts to join the rest of the TV world in this 21st century, but I thought I would re-write it, give them a chance to prove themselves and just report the news for now, leaving the sarcastic remarks until they fail miserably (oops, sorry that just slipped out).

ITV yesterday announced that they would be relaunching as a destination to catch up on all their shows from the last seven days (Craig David would be so proud), as well as creating new “360 degree” shows, which encomass mobile, broadband and the good old fashioned idiot box. Good luck to them I say, I hope it’s free, high quality, and easy to use. (That wasn’t too hard for me was it?)