Apple TV for all!

22 03 2007

Just a quick note to say that after a short delay, Apple TV started shipping today. For the unaware, this is the set-top box that streams all your music, photos, podcasts, TV and movies from itunes on your PC/mac to your TV. There is a review in the Wall Street Journal here. As much iTunes content as I now have, this product still doesn’t appeal to me. If you read ilounges top 10 reasons not to buy Apple TV, I stopped at 10 because that’s what I sometimes do. But for someone with a small iMac in a bedroom and a huge LCD in their living room, this could be the thingie that unleashes all their DRM’ed media! Huzzah!

Friday Night Lights ratings horror

25 02 2007

The premiere of Friday Night Lights fell way below even the lowest of expectations. According to Media Guardian, the show was watched by just 26,000 people on ITV4 Wed night. I know more people than that. The abysmal figure can be attributed to live football (or Soccer as Americans like to call it) on Sky Sports, a great game between Barcelona and Liverpool, taking away what would be the core audience of the show. Which begs the question, why was it scheduled at that time in the first place? ITV know that the Champions League will have people hooked from now until May, why did they schedule a sports drama against sport? Do they like to waste money? Apparently so.

I was thinking that a couple more weeks of those kind of figures, and it would be moved to some graveyard slot to die. But ITV4 is a graveyard channel, how much worse can it get? If you haven’t watched it, do so. I promise you won’t regret it. Do I have shares in NBC Universal? Maybe.

Joost news

21 02 2007

Joost are an IPTV company founded by the two clever cogs who brought us Kazaa and Skype. Hundreds of channels, available legally, free and worldwide. If it works, it will change everything. People will want their Flat screen TV’s to be “Joost ready” when they buy them.

In fact I applied for a job with Joost the other day, thats how much I believe in what they are doing over there. The fact that they haven’t got back to me, or that I haven’t been invited to their beta test hasn’t dulled my enthusiasm for the project either.

Today they revealed a massive deal with my current employers. They have signed with Viacom to show their programming on the fledgling Television platform. The very informal press release goes a little something like this:

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itunes video content for Europe at last

31 01 2007

Yesterday the Government of Luxembourg confirmed that Apple inc were setting up their European base there to start video distribution over itunes. Luxembourg is already home to a few other European headquarters of major corporations like Amazon and AOL (hey, wait a minute, they all start with A as well). Apparently it’s because Luxemborg have the lowest rates of VAT in Europe. So anyway, the economy minister Jeannot Krecke blabbed and I’m sure Apple are resisting the urge to sue the pants off the whole country.

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Harry Hill’s TV Burp

29 01 2007

Fresh from winning a couple of British comedy awards, Harry Hill returned to TV screens last week. I watched it yesterday, and it was hilarious. One thing about this show is that the moment the end credits roll, I can’t remember what I was laughing at just minutes before. Strange one that. The end result is that I have nothing to say about the episode, other than if you don’t watch it you are missing out. Unless of course you don’t like Harry Hill, in which case you are missing nothing. I think this program should be on all year round.

Friday Night Lights

14 01 2007

a tale of two kinds of Friday Night Lights, the movie and bars in London at the end of the working week, all intertwined. Earlier this week, I watched the movie that the TV show is based on, and I was blown away. I have no shame in admitting that I cried. In front of my other half. At a movie! Only one other film has made me shed a tear, and that was Schindler’s list which we all know isn’t the happiest tale.

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Ratings for the week Jan 1-7 in the US and UK.

12 01 2007

The Final episode of The Vicar of Dibley takes the honours in the first week of the new year, Dawn French’s sitcom going out on a high. Other than that it’s business as usual as the soaps go head to head. I added the 11th program just to show that this nation isn’t all Eastenders and Corrie, with the poor man’s CSI (Waking The Dead) making up the numbers. The next five places went to Emmerdale. Read the rest of this entry »