Moving Wallpaper/Echo Beach

13 01 2008

Last week I stood up in the office and announced my plans for the evening, and was laughed at by most of my colleagues. My plan was to go home and watch an hour of ITV1. Thats right, a solid hour of the nations favourite network. One of my co-workers told me how he had tried to watch a comedy the previous Friday starring Mark Addy, and was frustrated because he would no longer have that particular hour available to him again throughout his entire lifespan.

But I ploughed on regardless, getting home on Thursday….and promptly falling asleep. Luckily I had Sky+’ed both of the shows I was meaning to watch and just got round to watching them this afternoon. I can go into work tomorrow and tell everyone that the joke is on them, because the combo of Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach makes for marvelous tellybox watching.

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Good news for Pushing Daisies

4 10 2007

I just noticed yesterdays ratings, and the drama that has redefined quirky ever since it was announced trounced the competition in the 18-49 demographic last night, and that after many a critic (including myself) said that it would be much loved but untouched by the masses. Pushing Daisies scored a 4.2 rating and had over 12 million viewers at 8pm last night, with the closest competition coming from CBS with Kid nation watched by 7.5 mil.

While this doesn’t guarantee the show a full season or anything, the numbers are very encouraging. It will be interesting to see how many of them drop off next week.

Incidentally, in the 9pm hour, Bionic Woman was off almost 30% from the premiere numbers. Lets see if that gets a mention in the UK media.
Pushing Daisies will probably start on ITV1 in the new year, before a lack of understanding by those who watch coronation street and the Bill causes it to be moved to a late night ITV2 slot. Watch the promo for episode 2 (in a crappier than usual quality) after the jump:

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ITV1 HD Next spring…

12 09 2007

I was just zooming through my google reader (a habit I need to get rid of) and I spotted a report on Digital Spy saying that ITV will launch a High Definition  version of ITV1 next spring. I know that technically  takes us up to June 2008, but it’s good for them to put it out there. Even if it’s just their Sainsburys 9pm Dramas and the odd  bit of sport (England home internationals, F1) then it gets them out there. This news, along with the new shows that Michael grade has really made an impact since his arrival. Who knows, one day I might tune in!!

Primeval backlash

1 05 2007

Well I didn’t see this coming. Ok I did. It seems my thoughts on the first episode of ITV1’s “Family Sci-Fi” TV series Primeval are coming under fire, and whats more, I have an inkling the rage is coming from somebody who worked on the show. At a guess I would say he worked on the graphics. If I was to guess again I would say his name is Matt Fox. and If I was given three guesses (what kind of stupid guessing game is this) I would say that he was happy with the finished product of Primeval. Which in my book makes him ripe for ridicule. Read the post after the jump (off).

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Crime solving acronyms?

27 03 2007

One thing I noticed on the hotel TV in Bilbao, German channel SAT-1 were launching a new home grown drama after US snoozefest NCIS (I mean, what the fud is this, why don’t we just investigate crimes in one industry, how limiting is tha… rant for a different day Edward, calm down and focus) and this new drama also had an acronym, RIS.

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Primeval S01E01 – Doggy Doo Doo

10 02 2007

Sadly not the episodes title, but my thoughts on this new “multimillion pound, big budget” production from ITV. This is why I don’t watch ITV1. This is why I shouldn’t watch shows with girls from S Club 7 in them, however fit they are. This is why, this is why. The plot revolves around dinosaurs coming through a time portal… yes thats right, much like the one in that program from last Autumn/Summer/Whenever, Prehistoric Park.                      Read the rest of this entry »