Entourage S03E18 – The Resurrection

14 05 2007

I should hate Entourage. You know those shows that aren’t funny enough to be called comedies, and aren’t dramatic enough to be called dramas? It falls into that category, and I don’t usually have time for those programs, because it’s usually half an hour/1 hour of some stuff that happens that doesn’t change anybodys life. And I have that in my real life, so why would I tune in for more of the same? Because I don’t have someone like Johnny Drama making me breakfast.

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Entourage S03E15 – Manic Monday

23 04 2007

This episode saw Jeremy Piven at his best after a couple of impoverished weeks by his standards. There was a great monologue in the therapists office to add to his list of killer speeches, and a scene of him crying to a slideshow of “Vince and Ari” pics. Hilarious. By the end, when he has come out of his mini-crisis and fired an employee, he is at the top of his game, with the crazy body language we know and love.

We also got to see Carla Gugino flex her muscles as Vince’s new agent, demanding an answer from Vince and Eric on a script. As I predicted a few weeks ago, the sexual tension between Amanda and Vince grew to a point where they decided to sleep together, complete with a will they/won’t they cliffhanger ending. If this was Lost, we wouldn’t find out if he sticks it to her until season four. And then it would turn out they were brother and sister. Bleeeurgh.

Entourage S03E14 – Dog Day Afternoon

17 04 2007

After a great return to the third season last week, this episode focused on two of the male relationships on the show, Ari and Lloyd, and Eric and Vince. Lloyd has been a superb character from his first scene, and every time he and Ari are on screen together the chemistry is great. Ari was chasing a new client, a gay writer who he thought would be more open to suggestion if Lloyd went along for the negotiation.

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Entourage S03E13 – Less than 30

9 04 2007

I’ve always resented Entourage being called a comedy. Not only because it conflicts with some shows that I think are truly funny at awards time, but because I have never really cracked up at the program to be honest. It’s always been 28ish minutes of relaxing watching, nobody gets killed, nobody is from the future, nobody is trapped in a soppy love triangle. It has straddled genres comfortably for two and a half seasons.. until this episode. It was damn funny.

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30 Rock renewed

5 04 2007

Huzzah! As the title says, my favourite comedy of this season has been renewed, despite shockingly low ratings. 30 Rock has averaged 5.8 million viewers this season, although it is up against two 20 mil+ titans in CSI and Greys Anatomy. It has now moved timeslot slightly, airing after The Office, another of those NBC shows that is well received by people in homes with income over $100,000 a year. (How do they get all these stats? I always write that I earn more than I actually do, just for the thrill of it). Today NBC president of Entertainment Kevin Reilly said:

NBC expects the show to continue to build its increasingly loyal audience and become another of NBC’s classic comedy series.

Yea good luck mate, against those two dramas. Maybe now with the promise of a full season and maybe more to come, this gem will be picked up in the UK. I think it would work after Scrubs on E4, after The Office on ITV2, or even in a post South Park slot on Paramount Comedy. But it would *not* work in any slot on any BBC channel. Sometimes you have to tell it like it is BBC, deal with it. Watch a classic 30 Rock clip after the jump, Jane singing “Muffin Top” with Ghostface Killah..

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The Office S03E13 – The Return

23 01 2007

A couple of months ago NBC conducted an experimet with The Office. They aired the episode Branch Closing (S03E07) as normal on TV, and then placed an extended version on itunes, which had a plot line that had t obe cut for time reasons. Well it must have worked (or failed miserably and this is the last chance) because this week they did it again. This weekend I somehow contrived to download and delete my DivX version of The Office, so I thought I would use itunes as my bitch and watch it on my boring tube ride to work. Read the rest of this entry »

The Idol Juggernaut

19 01 2007

American Idol started this week with record ratings. The number one program in the US opened with 37.3 million viewers, and there is no sign of a slowdown. Wednesday’s 2 hour special dropped just 300,000 viewers, clocking in at 36.9 million. Those two nights were the largest in FOX’s 20 year history as a network. It’s almost as if FOX just need to show up January to May to win the ratings battle in adults 18-49.

As an editor, I am always amazed at the speed with which ITV manage to get the master tape into the UK, edit out all the product placement, stitch together all the breaks and air it less than 48 hurs after the US.

In another masterstroke from Simon Fuller, this year UK viewers will be getting a slightly different package, with Cat Deeley presenting special segments at the top and tail every episode, as well as being the first to interview contestants after their dreams are shattered/ascent into manufactured pop history is confirmed (delete as applicable). US viewers will be familiar with Cat from FOX’s dancing version of this show, So You Think You Can Dance. Boy is she rich now!

American Idol begins on ITV2 tonight at 8.30pm. But if you like it, you already knew that. And if you don’t like it you already have plans, right? Washing your hair? Yeah, I’ve used that one…