Japanese TV

17 03 2008

Usually when I visit another country, I’m eager to check out the local televisual fare, and see how they do things so I can come back and use it as ammo in my never-ending rants about ITV1. This was the same when I visited Japan.

That country in general seems like another planet, and their genres of TV are no different. One morning I woke up, turned on the TV and saw a weatherman dressed in PVC vest and shorts, complete with dog collar and officers hat. No lie…

I saw this on a forum and it inspired me to write this post. Men playing football, while wearing binoculars. In the interests of keeping the premiership competitive, I vote that the top four be made to wear these during every fixture against a team in the lower half of the table.

I’m still searching for my favourite Youtube clip from the Land of the Colourful mobile phone. It was along the same lines of the famous matrix ping pong, except this one was numerous men imitating the LCD of a large stopwatch counting a 100 metre dash, while other actors portrayed the runners. If you know it, put me out of my misery and post it in the comments to this post.

I leave you with the formula for meeting the hottest girls. Japanese scientists have figured out that if you meet an average looking girl and ask to meet her hottest friend, and so on in that fashion, you will eventually meet the hottest girl in the country! They test out the theory in Italy…

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Wii Fit

12 07 2007

I’ve been struggling to find anything TV related that I want to talk about, as you may or may not have noticed. To fill the gap, I’ve been playing Wii, and i figure its one of the few forms of exercise I get.

So Imagine my surprise when Nintendo unveil a peripheral that does just that: stops me from becoming a fatty fatty fat fat. Wii Fit should be in stores later this year, watch the video to see how it will change your life… or not, if you’re already buff like the adults in the clip.

EDIT:- For those of you thinking “This isn’t even on-topic, I’m never coming back to this blog”…oh, there you go, I did it again! Click here for a story about how the Wii is reported to be the causeĀ  of a large dip in ratings in Japan, as families spend primetime beating each other down at Tennis, or fishing in Zelda, or blowing up things in Wario, or… you get the picture. Read the rest of this entry »

New Years TV Celebrations

2 01 2007

Shortly after midnight on BBC1, Natasha Kaplinsky introduced Sophie Ellis-Bextor on stage to sing her latest single, and the mic didn’t work for the first 15 seconds of the song. I hate cringeworthy moments like that, but in the US and Japan, New Years Eve TV brought much harsher criticism. Read the rest of this entry »