Curb Your Enthusiasm S06E10 – The Bat Mitzvah

8 01 2008

Due to a (constant never ending) backlog of TV, I just got around to watching the last few episodes of the sixth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and I was pleasantly surprised by the finale.

These days when I have a spare moment, I get to make a choice between spending quality time with the mrs, quality time with the PSWii, watching something on my overloaded Sky+ planner, reading one of the books I got for Chrimbo (“Chrissy” to you Aussies) or watching some of the content that is constantly downloading to my auto-starting bandwidth guzzling RSS utilising bittorrent client.

So when the first few episodes of this seasons Curb didn’t have me laughing out loud instantaneously, I was maybe a little hasty when I decided I would watch the rest at some undetermined future juncture. It just all seemed a bit contrived to me this season, with the Black family (no no, that’s their surname) coming into the show as comedy stereotypes, although I even misjudged them because I actually laughed hardest at Leon in the later eps.

Disclaimer: If you are in the UK and don’t want to know intimate details of Season 6, stop reading nnnnnow.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm S06E01 – Meet the Blacks

11 09 2007

With the departure of so many of my favourite comedies, I may have put too much pressure on this show to knock me off my feet with laughter. So I’m going to cite that as my reason for being a little disappointed with the premiere of Season 6. Although I must say the way things are set up, the presence of “the Blacks” will bring a lot of racial humour to the program, which is always funny if done right.

But there was definitely something off about this episode, maybe the feeling that I knew what was coming all along, which I don’t usually get from Curb. Let’s hope Larry sharpens up as the season progresses.

What a difference a day makes

6 01 2006

Before last night’s “Ricky Gervais meets Larry David” program on Channel 4 here in the UK, I would think Larry David was a virtual unknown in this country, with Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthuisasm both buried in past midnight slots by the BBC on the off chance that someone might find something foreign funny. What with him never having a catchphrase or being seen in heat magazine, they probably thought the UK wouldn’t take to his work. Anyway, I went to buy season 3 of Curb today (because my boss keeps promising to lend it to me but always “leaves it at home”! yeah right, she probably thinks I won’t give it back to her. and now if I ever do it get it from her I won’t! Out of spite!! Grrrr!!) and lo and behold, The first three seasons of Curb your Enthusiasm sit atop the Amazon UK DVD chart, which is updated daily. I haven’t seen advertising that effective since… Kerry Katona told me to get down to Iceland.. or something!