19 06 2007

I’m off to Japan for a little over a week, so you lot can entertain yourselves. I would advise you to watch the season premiere of Entourage (S04E01)and try and catch John From Cincinnati, which is really out there. I think I like it, give me one more week. Other than that, if anyone sees any 07-08 pilots leaked on “teh internets” while I’m away, be sure to post the links in the comments below. Thats right, do my work for me.

What I’m Watching Tonight…

2 04 2007

Sopranos – Well after my “Sopranos Love-in” post yesterday, it turns out the first episode of the final nine has been leaked onto “teh internets”. I won’t be posting the link up here, because that would be illegal. If you are interested you know where to get it, if you don’t where it is you are probably not too bothered.

American Dad – I can’t decide whether this is amusing or I watch out of habit. So many episodes pass me by without note its amazing, I really should give it the boot from my personal schedule.

The Tudors – Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars in this period drama. I don’t normally do period dramas, but Rome changed all that for a while. I’m hearing disappointing things, but I’m prepared to give it a go.

and if I have time…

NewsRadio – A comedy from the early 90’s starring the late Phil Hartman (He of Troy McClure, Lyle Langley and many other Simpsons classic voices), it was amde available on iTunes through their deal with Sony, and I thought I would give the pilot a go.

24 leaked…

7 01 2007

It had to happen, although I can’t quite understand how it did. Like the plot of a drama that takes place over the course of a single day, some sensitive material has fallen into the wrong hands, and they have used it for evil. The first 4 episodes of Season six of 24, along with a 15 minute preview of episode 5, have been uploaded onto the internet, and people are downloading it like crazy. Always one step ahead, those internet folk. Click here to feed your addiction if you can’t wait til next Monday on FOX in the US, the Sunday after on Sky One, or soon after that on Seven network in Australia. I believe the files also have Spanish subtitles, so thats another billion people covered! sweet!