Medium S03E22 – Everything Comes to a Head

18 05 2007

I love it when a shows take steps to change the whole dynamic after a few years of the same old. I was very much used to the Medium formula of “dream-clue-dream-clue-bad guy shows up unexpectedly -dream-entrapment- happy family”, but I think that is all going to change after this season finale.

Alison Dubois’ role at the district attorneys office has been uncovered by a reporter, and she has been relieved of her duties. Her husband Joe has been released from his job as an indirect result of the scandal. The marriage is on the rocks, and they don’t have money to feed the kids. That should throw up a whole new set of problems when the show returns in Jan 2008. Looking forward to it.

So how did I do?

5 02 2007

I’ll tell you how I did! I managed to watch all the TV that I said I would, and maybe more. Whats more (and this is the most important part), I enjoyed some of it, instead of turning into a zombie. Sometimes when I commit a day to catching up on my favourite programs, I end up cruising through them without paying attention, especially if its a sunday and I have laundry and other interesting and exciting things to do.

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What I’m watching tonight…

1 02 2007

Just a quick one, I’m still at work with loads to do.

Medium – I’m hoping it’s not another episode about her daughter, they bore me. But Alison’s husband has put in some fine acting this season, especially that monologue to camera in the episode where Alison woke up with no legs.

The Knights of Prosperity – It’s getting quite interesting. Ok it’s not, I just like the look of Sofia Vergara. Shallow, so shallow.

House – Now that the “angry cop” arc has finished, I wonder what they have planned to keep me watching for the 2nd half of Season 2 3.

Medium s03e08

18 01 2007

I knew this would happen one day. I always wondered what would happen if one day somebody failed to upload one of my favourite shows onto the interweb, and now it’s happened.

The kind Canadian who normally captures the CTV High definition source must be on holiday, or sick or something because it’s been almost a week and still no sign! I may have to wait for the BBC, who will be airing Season 3 from March.