Knight Rider

2 01 2008

You may have noticed (somebody has, looking at the figures) that I put up a few promos and trailers for upcoming shows that will be debuting early this year. One that I thought I had put up, but turns out it slipped my mind is NBC’s remake of my childhood favourite Knight Rider.

Starting in February,  I had no interest in this project whatsoever until I found out who was doing the voice of KITT. That’s right, the funniest man alive right now, Will Arnett! Yes, Gob Bluth will be saying “Michaaaaael” (or at least ‘Mike’) on television once more, even if not for intentional comedy value.

With the writers strike continuing, I reckon this could do ok as viewers cling to any scripted programming they can find. Watch the Will Arnett teaser complete with new car after the jump.

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