Break a Leg

25 04 2007

I placed all four parts of this pilot in the vodpod, and it hasn’t really got the sort of response I was looking for. Its a new sitcom from “the acclaimed viewers of Arrested Development and the Office” and it’s about a young writer trying to pen a sitcom. “How ironic” I hear you cry. Yea, sort of. I watched the fist ep, it was pretty good. A bit too quick with the callback references, but it’s free and its better than a kick in the crotch. Check out their Myspace for more info and the second episode.

Stewie Griffin to get his own talk show on Myspace

23 02 2007

It looks like all his hard work has paid off, as Fox have announced that Stewie Griffin will be hosting his own talk show, and it will make his premiere next week, up against The Oscars. Up Late with Stewie and Brian will not be making it’s debut on the network though, Fox will be using their online property Myspace to debut this 10 min flash animated event, in an attempt to steal away young peoples eyeballs from the worlds most important red carpet. Guests on the opening show will be Rob Corddry, who will be promoting his upcoming (but already out there) Fox comedy, The Winner. So gather around your monitors at 8pm on Sunday evening to watch Myspace crash.

EDIT – I watched it, Stewie was as funny as he usually is, but something was definitely lacking. As a 15 minute ad for The Winner, it was ok I guess. You can watch it here. Or in the Vodpod on the right, your choice.

Skins S01E01 – Update 1

26 01 2007

Skins is the first British drama since E4 launched six years ago. At launch, they had a show called As If, which I always thought was pretty good. A friend of my sisters was in it, so I may have been a little biased though. This is in a similar vein, some young teens trying out drinking, drugging and sexing it up, the main difference being that they are middle class. And that is a good place to start the comparisons. Read the rest of this entry »