20 05 2008

Ricky Gervais introduces his inspiration for “The Office”. (N.B It’s not actually that funny, bearing in mind all the effort they put in to learn their lines… ah well, good try.)

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NBC Universal on UK iTunes store

7 05 2008

Well this hasn’t been reported much, amid the launch on Zune Marketplace of NBC Universal content. Although NBC Universal are in (a much publicised) dispute with Apple over TV content on the US iTunes store, they slyly added Heroes and House to the UK store, under the moniker “Universal”. Can a return to the US store be too far behind?


3 02 2008

What happened to me this week that was TV related??

-Well for starters, my Sky+ decided to start playing up on me, and deleted my series links for both Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach which means I’ve missed an episode of each.

-I’ll try and go back to them, but I hate missing out on vital details and Moving Wallpaper has quite a nice bit of attention to detail that might go over my head now.

-The strike is now almost 10 weeks deep, so how come Las Vegas is on Episode 16??? Just how many episodes did they film before the scribes put pens down? Keep it coming team, its the kind of fluff I love!

-I won’t believe this rumour until I’m standing in line to watch it! Jason Bateman spoke to Kristin Veitch about a potential Arrested Development Movie. Read more about it here.

-Sky really got a thumbs up by putting the Season 4 premiere of Lost on Sky Anytime, uninterrupted and in HD. It means I watched it last night,and I can prepare for Ghana v Nigeria tonight properly, without worrying about Jack or Kate (not that I care about Jack).

-Speaking of and ABC TV studios, Jeff Zucker and NBC Universal may get all the press, but its ABC Television and Walt Disney Studios that quietly cut the best international deal, and move the TV business model forward outside of Hollywood. I mentioned BSkyb’s deal with them earlier, but this week they also tied up deals with Tiscali and TF1, the second allowing the French broadcaster to broadcast Lost one day after its US transmission date. The only real way to kill downloading is to give the people an alternative whereby they don’t have to get up off their couches/sofas/chaise longue.

Finally, I’ll leave you with Sarah Silvermans confession video to her husband Jimmy Kimmel. It would seem she has a little thing going on with Matt Damon, watch the video to find out more.

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30 Rock S01E20 – Cleveland

20 04 2007

I can’t write too much about this, because I’m sitting at my desk at work on the oh-so-brief lunch break that they provide. I just watched this ep in a quiet open plan office with headphones on, and nearly exploded in my attempts not too laugh out loud. I was creating new noises out of my ears, nose and maybe even my eyes.

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30 Rock S01E19 – Corporate Crush

13 04 2007

Friday mornings are now officially 30 Rock time for me. It has settled into a funny groove, the writers have become very comfortable with this set of characters, and it really shows. Wait, scratch that, I sound really up myself. Let me just tell you what I liked about the ep.

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NBC Universal and News Corp team up for “Youtube killer”.

23 03 2007

Remember when the networks gathered together and decided that they would build a competitor to Youtube, in an attempt to crush their dominance? Everybody laughed, and the news went away. WEll today at least two of those networks are still friends, and have announced a new online video distribution service. I can’t even be bothered to reword it, or be funny about it, I’m too tired right now (hence the less than funny title post) but I wanted to get the news out there. Read the Associated Press story after the jump.

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Heroes S01E17 – Company Man

27 02 2007

I started off watching it from way back in my not-so-comfy chair, but by the end I was close enough to the TV to make myself blind in later life. You may know I like making bold statements, but this episode of Heroes was as good an hour of Drama as the last hour of Season 1 of 24, or Locke’s second episode in Season 1 of Lost, Deus Ex Machina.

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Friday Night Lights ratings horror

25 02 2007

The premiere of Friday Night Lights fell way below even the lowest of expectations. According to Media Guardian, the show was watched by just 26,000 people on ITV4 Wed night. I know more people than that. The abysmal figure can be attributed to live football (or Soccer as Americans like to call it) on Sky Sports, a great game between Barcelona and Liverpool, taking away what would be the core audience of the show. Which begs the question, why was it scheduled at that time in the first place? ITV know that the Champions League will have people hooked from now until May, why did they schedule a sports drama against sport? Do they like to waste money? Apparently so.

I was thinking that a couple more weeks of those kind of figures, and it would be moved to some graveyard slot to die. But ITV4 is a graveyard channel, how much worse can it get? If you haven’t watched it, do so. I promise you won’t regret it. Do I have shares in NBC Universal? Maybe.

Heroes in the UK

12 02 2007

If you are in the UK, Heroes starts a week tonight on the Sci-Fi Channel. But if you have morals and haven’t downloaded or streamed it or been leant it by a mate in the pub already, Sci-Fi are letting UK viewers watch the premiere for free a week early. Click here to watch it. I’m guessing the quality is terrible but what the hell, if you are reading this you weren’t doing anything particularly interesting online anyway! Ha!

Friday Night Lights delayed in the UK?

7 02 2007

I thought that this superb drama was starting on ITV4 in the UK this Friday. But it seems that is not the case. I checked the schedules for Friday, and nothing. I heard rumours about Feb 23rd, but I don’t know who to believe. One thing I do know is that I have been doing more promotion for the show than ITV.

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I nearly went legit..

23 01 2007

This morning I almost packed it all in with Bittorrent and went straight. There were so many fake copies of Heroes on Mininova, and it was 8am and 24 hadn’t show up yet. The only thing that stopped me? Programs don’t show up on itunes for 24 hours after they are on air. Booooo! Can someone tell the production companies that this is a stupid idea. I know they do it to protect revenue that they earn from TV, but they just lost all my revenue this morning! When I get home, I’m going to download the hi-def version of all 3 for free. Because I can. Sort it out people.