Lost S04E08 – Meet Kevin Johnson

22 03 2008

A little disappointing, I have to say. When it comes to Lost I like to do a little reading ahead, and I was led to understand that this episode would explain a few things about Michael, and what he has been up to. The answer is… not much.

His reasons for being on Widmore’s freighter don’t add up. So the basic idea is that to clear his conscience of the deaths of two innocents (Ana-Lucia and Libby) that he killed to save his son, he would goback to the island and kill a bunch of other people that he just met, to save the lives of those he betrayed on the island. That is remarkably flimsy. I think I would have preferred it if Ben had kidnapped Walt again. Read the rest of this entry »

Another Lost Season 4 Trailer

15 01 2008

In preparation for the Fourth Season of Lost, I’ve been doing a lot of anticipating and a little bit of reading up. Ain’t It Cool has an interview with Matthew Fox about Season 4 and he came out with this gem:

When asked if season four will deal with time travel, Fox says yes. “What is this island? Where is this island? When is this island?” are the questions Fox says the audience is dying to know.

This quote, combined with the new Dharma orientation video that I’ve embedded after the jump, is…I don’t know, mildly interesting. Very Sci-fi, the thought that the rabbit could be from the future..
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Knight Rider

2 01 2008

You may have noticed (somebody has, looking at the figures) that I put up a few promos and trailers for upcoming shows that will be debuting early this year. One that I thought I had put up, but turns out it slipped my mind is NBC’s remake of my childhood favourite Knight Rider.

Starting in February,  I had no interest in this project whatsoever until I found out who was doing the voice of KITT. That’s right, the funniest man alive right now, Will Arnett! Yes, Gob Bluth will be saying “Michaaaaael” (or at least ‘Mike’) on television once more, even if not for intentional comedy value.

With the writers strike continuing, I reckon this could do ok as viewers cling to any scripted programming they can find. Watch the Will Arnett teaser complete with new car after the jump.

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Lost Season 4 Trailer

13 12 2007

Although it’s impact will be diminished somewhat by the strike, the 8 episodes filmed so far of season 4 start in Feb next year. And for those who forget, it is definitely worth looking out for after the writing renaissance halfway through season 3, followed by the shocking finale. Watch the non-revealing trailer after the jump..

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24 Season 7 Trailer

25 10 2007

As Title. That 3 minute clip looks better than all of 24 hours of season 6. Click here for the DivX version. Watch it after the break:-

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September 25th

23 08 2007

That is the day that I will be watching the Season 2 premiere of Heroes. Its been a long summer, but I honestly can’t wait for whatever they have in store. They have been adding cast members at a crazy rate, but with David Anders and more importantly Kristen Bell on board for “multi episode arcs”, they are bringing quality to the screen. Watch a trailer for Season 2 after the jump..

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Video(s) of the Week

15 04 2007

Some stiff competition for the coveted video for the week spot, which is usually just one video. But this week I came across 3 things I wanted you to check out, so it’s up to you whether you, you know… do it or not. It’s my blog and I’ll post what I want to.

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